Google’s Panda update has affected more and more websites as time has gone on. A lot of you may feel that you were unfairly given a lesser rank or taken off of the search results page completely. It may be hard to believe, but Google is not perfect and they can make mistakes. What you need to do is let them know how you feel, and tell them that they may have made a mistake on how they’re ranking your site.

This is why I believe every website should have a Google webmaster account. Google has a tool for those who want to have their website ranking reconsidered. Here is a video that Google released that talks about this very issue:

This video is a few years old, but the information is still important, and the process is still the same when you want to have your site reconsidered.

Amazingly enough, Google is starting to give out more information. You will start seeing more insight as to why your rankings have dropped. This information will help a lot of business owners and webmasters get better direction as to how to move forward.

At first Matt Cutts and others said that they were concerned that spammers might take this information and abuse the system, but it seems as if people are using this information for good, not evil, which is great! As long as that trust continues to grow between Google and Webmasters, I am positive Google will be more prone to give out more information.

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