Sometimes it is avoidable for small businesses to have their website on a shared hosting server. If you are not familiar with shared hosting, more than likely that is what you have for your website right now. If you have your website hosted on sites such as godaddy, bluehost or dreamhost, you are more than likely sharing your hosting with other websites.

You will probably never to be able to choose the other websites that are going to be on the server with your website. There could be many different kinds of sites that you don’t want associated with your site.  You may begin to wonder if sharing a server (or IP address) with a questionable site will to hurt your ratings.

Luckily we have the wonderful Matt Cutts who is here to answer our questions! Here is his response to a similar situation:

I am glad to say that Google does understand that this situation is out of the business owners’ control. As long as you are building quality content, and linking to quality sites that are within your industry, you are going to be just fine. That has always been the case with the internet, and as you continue to follow those guidelines you are going to be successful.

Boostability is here to help you reach those goals, and if you are in need of help in getting increased rankings or building content for your website, we have the resources and tools that can help make that happen. Let us know what we can do for you and your business.