When you’re creating a business model, you have a lot of things to consider. Namingly, how are you going to make money? Every client has different needs when they approach your business. To accommodate their needs, you could charge by hour, project, word count, or literally hundreds of other models. This allows you to customize your services so your client gets exactly what they need. One of the most popular models is charging per project. This helps you find a pool of clients, but it also requires more work. And if you end up with dozens of clients, you’re going to burn yourself out.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative to the “per project” business model that works especially well for digital marketing services, like SEO. Instead of customizing your services, you could offer a productized service for your clients. Productized marketing services combine everything in a single package. What your clients see is what they get, making it much easier to run your business. You could switch to an all-productized model or use a combination of productized and per-project services to keep your clients happy. 

This article will dive into productized services, and why it’s perfect if you’re an agency or digital provider and want to expand your product set into white label SEO. Let’s dive into it!


What Is a Productized Service?

A productized service involves services, skills, and expertise in a certain area. Buying a productized service from an experienced service provider gives solutions, direction, and insight into what the specific audience may need. Conversely, buying a productized service is like taking a product off the shelf.

Here’s an example of what that might look like. You might offer a free consultation for your clients, then tailor the project to their needs. From there, you could offer different packages and pricing on your website that come with a list of services. When a client orders a package, they’ll get every service you have pre-assigned to that package, and nothing more unless you offer add-ons. Every project is still different, but you’ll know exactly what you’ll have to do instead of making new accommodations every time someone works with you.


What Are Some Productized Service Examples?

If you offer SEO services, a productized service package could resemble the following. Each month your client would get:

  • 600 words of website content
  • 5 researched SEO keywords implemented on the website
  • 5 blog posts
  • 3 high-authority website backlinks
  • 1 Google My Business page

You could offer a single price for this package. If you want to offer more services, you could create additional packages with higher prices and more features.


How Do You Create Productized SEO Marketing Services?

Unless you plan on offering new services, all you’ll have to do is figure out how to package your existing services. First, look at your current rates and figure out how much you charge per project. For example, for a blog if you charge fifty cents per word, you could include 100 words of content and add $50 to the package price.

Once you’ve done that, figure out what your clients need. If they’re looking for SEO keywords, they’ll probably need web content that incorporates those keywords into their website. They might also need backlinks, metadata, alt tags and other SEO features to make their website fully optimized. Package together services that your clients frequently buy together.

You could include add-ons, but make sure you charge a consistent rate. For example, you could offer to add an additional 100 words of content for another $50. Don’t veer too far into customized services–when you do, you’re back to charging per project and creating more work for yourself.


What Are the Benefits of Productized Services for Customers?

It might seem easy to assume that productized services make your customers feel limited, but many clients actually prefer buying packages. Here are a few highlighted benefits of productized services for your customers.

Sets Expectations Early

Instead of going through the quote process, they’ll know how much they’re paying right away, which helps them set a budget. They also won’t have to worry about paying for extras later on.

Fits Business Needs

When they buy a package, your clients know exactly what they will get. This takes the guesswork out of paying for services. They might get more than what they’d normally pay for, which creates an even better experience for your clients. Your clients will also learn more about what they need. If they planned on buying SEO services, they might not have realized that they need alt tags and link building along with their order.

Simplifies the Process

Buying a productized package can be much easier for your client. Essentially, they’ll order the package, tell you what they need and wait for you to complete the order. There might be some communication in between, but they won’t have to deal with hours of back-and-forth Zoom chats. Since you know what you’re making ahead of time, you’ll be able to complete orders more quickly than ever before.


What Are the Benefits for You?

Productized marketing services make your job easier in a lot of ways. Here are some benefits your business could get out of utilizing this business model:

  • When a client buys a package, you’ll immediately know what you’re making and how much of each service you’ll complete.
  • You’ll work faster because you don’t have to start with a completely new project every time.
  • Your clients will be more likely to come back because the process is easier.
  • Some clients will switch over to the package model, enabling you to provide more attention to custom orders.
  • You can offer package tiers for even more profits.
  • Since you know exactly what you’re doing, you won’t accidentally give a client more than they paid for.
  • A faster turnaround time means more five-star reviews, positive word-of-mouth and more website conversions.
  • You can build your portfolio more quickly.

With these benefits and more, you might end up switching over your entire business to the productized services model.


Which Business Can Utilize Productized Services?

Productized services are great for online companies that offer SEO services, graphic design, web design, security enhancements, marketing, copywriting, blog posts and other web services. Since you’re offering a tangible product like SEO services, it’s easy to divide up your services into packages.


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