One of the biggest challenges any business faces is how to attract more customers. For our white label SEO partners and SEO resellers, they regularly ask how to attract more customers who are ready to grow their business and their website through an SEO campaign. 

This article will go through some of the biggest lead gen struggles our partners face and provide some ideas on how to better attract customers ready for an SEO campaign.


Why Sell SEO

To start off, we want to talk about why you should sell SEO as an agency, a web developer, a social media company, or various other internet-related companies. Selling in a white label SEO model is an easy win for you. It’s a way for you to start to bring in new customers, a new revenue stream with a high-demand product, and add a new product to your lineup to make your business more relevant. 

Becoming an SEO reseller allows you to bring in a new high-revenue product without the overhead costs such as bringing on new stuff and new software programs. It’s an easy way to grow and scale your business with minimal cost and effort on your end.

Selling SEO to your customers is a win-win solution. It helps your business grow, it helps their business grow by bringing in more leads and traffic. SEO is an in-demand option that will never go out of style. As long as there are search engines, there will be a need for SEO. And once you have a good method for selling (it’s easy, or let us help you with our Sales Support team), it’s easy to start to create those solutions for your customers that can help their business grow.



It’s said that word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools in your sales arsenal. People trust what other people have to say about your business and their experience with it. That’s part of why online reviews are so important. But one of your greatest methods of finding new leads to sell SEO to, is from your existing customers. 

Referrals aren’t necessarily formal documents. It could look like asking a customer if they know of anyone else who could benefit from SEO services. You could ask those who have seen success with SEO to leave a review on Google, Facebook, and other trusted platforms. It may be leaving a testimonial that you have posted on your website for all visitors to see. 

If potential customers can see that you’re trustworthy and do a good job, you’re more likely to get a sale. And if a current client recommends you to someone else, you already have a foot in the door. Don’t be afraid to reach out and see if those you’re already connected to can help facilitate new SEO conversations with others who can benefit from the SEO services you offer. 


Outbound calls

Did you know that the good ol’ outbound calling method is still one of the most popular methods for talking to new clients? Yeah, who knew? People still talk on the phone, and it’s not just texts and emails! Talking to a potential client allows you to make that personal connection and help them understand how your company can help theirs grow through an SEO campaign. 

If you don’t have a strong lead gen channel that is bringing in potential customers for you to sell too, consider these few ideas. Look for any business on pages 3+ of Google in your local area. For example, looking for a carpet cleaner in Fairfax, Virginia yields a lot of options. Those on page 1 don’t need SEO. But those further down in the search results desperately do. You can start doing outbound calls to them to help them understand the benefits of SEO. Showing them their problem by showing up in the deep pages of Google helps them understand the value of SEO from the beginning. 

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Upselling current customers

One of your greatest resources are the customers you already have! They already use your company, and like what you’re doing for their website or business. Use that to your advantage! If you approach them with a “hey we’re offering a new SEO product that you could benefit from for the following reasons _______”, they are more likely to listen because you’re already helping them grow. Take advantage of the greatest lead gen list you can get with the clients and customers you already have and serve!


Organic search

We have to throw this one in, because it works. SEO gets you found online, in an organic way. So if you’re selling it, you should probably be doing it for yourself. You know SEO works to get you to the first page of Google, and that in turn can bring in more leads and traffic. Organic search can be one of the greatest lead gen channels. People search online when they’re ready to buy something. They want to see who can best help them at a good price. Take advantage of that by optimizing your website for those searching for the very SEO product that you offer. 


Paid ads

Paid ads can be part of a winning digital marketing strategy. This gets your business in front of potential customers searching for SEO services without the time it takes to grow your presence organically. Paid ads are beginning to take up more and more real estate on Google SERPs. Of course this doesn’t discount the importance of organic, which will always be there. But you can also take advantage of a paid search campaign through Google Ads or paid social ads to reach a greater audience. Paid ads help to build instant brand recognition for your company. 


In person

It also might be possible that you have walk-in clients or people who come in off the street depending on your type of agency. Have some signage and marketing collateral that talks about the kinds of services you offer, including SEO. Then start up those conversations with those you come in contact with. You can’t discount the power of networking, even in today’s digital society. Human connections can really make a difference when you’re looking to sell SEO. 


Who can I sell to?

After you have all these channels and know the best ways to reach new customers, you might be thinking about who are the right people to sell SEO to? Great question! And there’s no one right answer. Anyone with a business website who is looking to grow (isn’t everyone) can benefit from an SEO campaign. We’ve found that businesses in home services/construction, medical and dental care, legal services, travel, landscaping, insurance, retail, and beyond, all can benefit from SEO. These industries are by nature, competitive, and always want to attract new customers. They can benefit from SEO to bring in new leads of their own. They’re ready to hear from you!

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Koa is the Director of Business Development at Boostability