A few years ago PageRank was a major ranking factor within the algorithm of Google search. It now is something that a lot of new business owners have probably never heard of. PageRank, first off is not named after a “web page,” it actually is named after Larry Page, one of the original founders of Google.  He designed and built the PageRank algorithm to determine what webpages would show within a Google search.

Set on a 1 to 10 scale, it was a big factor in determining where your page was going to be listed in a Google search. According to experts in the industry, the Panda and other ranking updates have overshadowed PageRank, making it almost obsolete. I think PageRank is good thing to think about when you are first building your site, and it will definitely give you more credibility than your competition.

There are many factors that determine PageRank, one is the age of your domain; the older you are, the more authority you have online.  This of course is not something you can do in ten minutes, and if you are just starting out with a brand new website, there is not much you can do, but it is something to aim toward.

In the mean time, another great factor to consider is linking with older sites that are in your industry. Be willing to share links with them. Write as a guest on their blog or have them write on your blog. Whatever you do, try to build a trusting and valuable relationship with another site that is in your specialty.

Make the layout of your website easier to navigate. You can have ads on your site, but don’t drown your site in them. People will quickly know if your site is reputable or not. Make it a friendly and comfortable environment for your visitors. Follow the guidelines set by W3 to how your code is written for your site.  Every little thing makes a difference.

PageRank is a great factor in helping you find trustworthy websites, and to build your own website as trustworthy as well. Don’t let PageRank determine everything that you do online, or think that a low PageRank will make or break you. It is a great tool, but not the only one to consider.

As always let us know what questions you have and how we can help assist you more!