There have been a lot of changes in Google’s organic search with updates from Panda, and Google  getting rid of the most internet “junk” that they can. This is a great thing for small businesses because most internet junk seems to pollute search engines, making it harder for small businesses to be found. With these things out of the way, Google has decided to revamp their “Sitelinks” when you are searching for specific items.

Now what are Sitelinks? As an example, when you search for “metropolitan museum of art,” each of the links below the website description are Sitelinks.

Sitelinks have looked this way since they were introduced back in 2005. They have helped a lot of searchers find specific pages within the domain, and have saved a lot of time.

Google has now added additional information relating to the Sitelink below each one.

With all of the new information, you can find the exact page you are searching for much quicker. These changes do not apply for every website. Small to medium-sized businesses more than likely will not have this update implemented to their website, unless they have a large amount of traffic.

It will be interesting to see what kind of changes this will make to organic search for a lot of different industries. I really would love to hear what thoughts and feelings you have about this change. Let me know in the comments what you think, and if you have any questions.