The Boostability Summer Party is one of the most highly anticipated corporate events of the year. Last year it was a BBQ-style event with lots of inflatable activities and plenty of sports. This year, it was a luau.

And boy, was it a LUAU!

It was held at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens in Lehi, not far from headquarters. As soon as you walked in, you got a lei and a colorful beach towel. I always need another one of those.


Then there were games. Digging for treasure, face painting, human foosball, limbo, balloon animals…I saw someone walking around with a corsage made entirely of balloons! I almost got my face painted, but it looked like everyone else had the same idea. I can’t blame them — the face painters were very skilled.

face painting line

And then it was time for the grand Hawaiian feast! There was fruit, salad, coconut rice, noodles, teriyaki chicken and sweet pork. And for dessert: cheesecake! I know Lindsey Potter was excited. And the tables had the coolest centerpiece ever: a palm tree made of pineapples! Mega points to the caterers there.

pineapple tree

We ate picnic-style on the hill while being serenaded with lovely Hawaiian tunes.

take a seat

After eating, we decided to explore the famous gardens, which were spectacular. The Secret Garden and the tunnel that led to it were especially lovely.



Finally it came time for the night’s big event: Polynesian dancing! By this time the light was fading and pictures were increasingly hard to get. The dancers were great, but I think my favorite part was the audience involvement. At one point Jason Hagey and a handful of other guys got up to do part of the haka, a New Zealand warrior dance, for us.


boost men dancing

couple boost dancers


A fire dancer signaled the big finale. I was so preoccupied trying to figure out how many times he had probably burnt his hands while practicing.

fire dancer

fire dancer2

All in all, the best summer party Boostability has done yet! I can’t wait to see how they’ll top themselves next year. Thanks, Boost!


What was your favorite part of the luau? Have any suggestions for next year’s summer party? Let us know in the comments!