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SEO Explained Simply. Here’s How you Explain the Value to Customers

I think most of us understand the value of SEO to a small business. That’s why we do what we do every single day. We

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Don’t Sell by Keyword, Sell by Long-Term Strategy

SEO is easily one of the hottest digital marketing products in 2020. Especially because of the seemingly infinite number of people constantly scanning the web.

Digital Marketing Partner SEO

Here’s Why Partnership Marketing is Beneficial for Your Business

When you first started your business, you probably weighed the pros and cons of doing so with a partner. In fact, one Forbes article calls

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Should I Create an HTML or XML Sitemap?

As an SEO, many people ask me whether they should create an HTML or XML sitemap, and I’m shocked at how many times I come

What Is Vine & How Do You Use Vine
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What Is Vine? How Do I Use Vine?

Since the mid-2000’s social media sites seem to be consistently growing in number, and variety. Recent years have been no exception. has emerged as

Como Ver Su Sitio Web Desde Los Ojos De Google: Explorar Como Un Googlebot
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How To See Your Website Through Google’s Eyes: Fetch as GoogleBot

Today I want to cover a very useful tool that’s available via Google Webmaster Tools. While a great many resources exist within Webmaster Tools, I

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The Return on Investment in Search Engine Optimization

Knowing the return of any business investment is critical to a company’s overall success. Business owners aren’t going to throw their hard earned money around

Boost Brand Awareness With SEO Keywords
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Boost Brand Awareness With SEO Keywords

On the surface, researching keywords to use for your SEO may seem like a simple process. In reality, however, there is a variety of factors

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Do Markups Affect Rankings?

In my last post on Rich Snippets, I briefly mentioned the website Today I want to cover the benefits of implementing Schema markup on

Super Bowl Tickets Search
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Rich Snippets: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Rich Snippets Rich snippets are everywhere on Google SERPs. They show us everything from reviews to recipes, but what are they, exactly? And why should