Uber is only a few years old, actually even less than a decade, yet it is the fastest growing and most successful startup that the world has ever witnessed. It is a brand, a household name that everyone knows, even those who are not that literate.

The phenomenal success of Uber has opened the window of opportunity for many entrepreneurs and startups to launch apps like Uber. In fact, there are already many such startups in the market today and more are coming up every other day. These days you come across Uber for delivery, mobile car wash and much more will be coming in next years.

Any idea can be Uberised. However, the problem that every entrepreneur should ask themselves is whether their idea will succeed or not. You may have a brilliant idea, solving everyday problem for mass population, but unless people know it, you won’t get anywhere. The other problem you face is once people come to know about it, what is their reaction? Do they like your idea? Like it enough to pay for your services? After all, that is what it is boiling down to, isn’t it? Whatever your idea, ultimately it is about money, revenue generation, and sales for every entrepreneur. The success of your idea is reflected by your sales and revenue generation.

Most people nowadays come up with an idea and copy Uber, thinking that they too will become successful overnight. However, it is best to use the Uber model as a case study and develop your idea around it.

Therefore, if you have a brilliant, on-demand startup idea and are looking for developers to breathe life into it, you need to consider the following before approaching them.

Do you have a unique Business Model?

As was just said, it is plausible to be inspired by models like Uber, Whatsapp, Facebook and develop a similar startup. However, replicating the entire model is not going to be the recipe for your success. What you need to do is use the model as a skeleton for your startup. Think about fresh ideas that can make it better and unique. Provide a service that is not already provided by the model you are using as a skeleton. It is, therefore, a good idea to study the market, identify what the audience wants. Develop a solution that not only stands out but also beats the competition.

Provide genuine solutions to real problems

Every business is setup with the idea of providing to customers,  giving them what they want, whether it is a service or not. Likewise, customers will give their business only to businesses that offer the best solution to the customers’ needs. Therefore to really stand out in the mobile industry, you need to develop a product that addresses the problems of your customers efficiently and effectively. You will realize that most of your competitors’ priority is not providing a genuine solution. Most just get carried away in the euphoria of having their own start up without giving thought on how they will make it successful.

Are you ready for the competition?

Once you have identified the market and problem, then you need to concentrate on providing a solution to the problem via products. It is advisable to start small. This way you get an idea of how your business is coming along. Is it efficient in providing the service? Is it fulfilling customer demands? If you start small, it is easier to sort out the problems before you expand. It is advisable to focus on one customer segment, be successful in it and then move onto the next one. Most importantly, ensure that none of your customers has a bad experience because that would be suicidal for your business. They will take their business somewhere else, and you can bet they will be very vocal about their experience.

Be successful by having a scaling strategy

For any successful business, scaling at the right time and in the right way is important. Scale too quickly and business will have disastrous results, whilst not scaling up to your potential ensures the failure of your startup.

You, therefore, need a well-planned strategy that will ensure that your existing customers remain loyal whilst you concentrate on getting new clients to expand your business.

If you are thinking of launching on demand startups, then you need to realize that you will be like any other small business. To become successful, you will have to cross many mountains of problems and seas of complaints whilst fighting the battles that come in the way of your business. You will need the right resources for all this and more to set up a successful business. This is difficult but not impossible. Just target your goal and what you will do to achieve it. Work hard to reach it and you will surely be successful.