How do you normally prove a point? You can explain all your opinions til you’re blue in the face. But what can change opinions, prove a point, help someone understand is with data. Hard facts and data to back up those facts.

In the marketing world, this same thing is done by showing a business that they have a problem, and how your product or service can fix that problem. As a white label SEO reseller, you can use tools like website analysis tools to show a small business or anyone with a website where that site struggles. It can show how they’re not showing up online, or if the competition is performing better online. Essentially, all this is data that you can use to sell SEO. 


How Do You Analyze a Website’s SEO Performance?

Analyzing a website’s SEO performance is easier than you might think. With our free SEO analysis tool, you can see how you stack up against your competitors in different specifics. These include your overall website score, organic search analysis, keyword analysis, social media presence, mobile analysis, backlink analysis, and local presence analysis. Through utilizing the free website analysis tool, it gives you a good picture of how your website stands on the grand scheme of the internet. This gives you a snapshot of where you can improve your site and where it stands compared to your competition.

As a Boostability Partner, you get free access to our Website SEO Analysis tool. All you have to do is plug in your client’s website and let the report run, then present them the data to show them how SEO can help them improve their website and online presence. The tool looks at how easy it is to find your site on Google and Bing and other search engines, then compare it to your competitors. This provides solid data you can share with your customers.

The first step is to discover your website score. This gives a good overall picture of how the website performs. The better the score, the better your online presence. Next it looks at the keywords your site ranks for. What keywords do your customers use? When they sign up for SEO, you can start to optimize the website for those competitive keywords, which should improve traffic. The next step is to look at the backlinks that point to the website. These digital calling cards give you a good idea of the reach from your site that helps you rank. Other tools include if you have business profiles which can help local businesses get found online. It also checks out your social presence to know how well your social channels perform, and if your website is mobile friendly.

All these provide a solid snapshot of how a website looks online and can provide you with a lot of solid data and information to present if you’re looking to sell SEO to a new client. 


How Can You Use This to Your Advantage During the Sales Process?

So why use tools like this during the sales process? Like I mentioned at the beginning, it’s one of the best ways to convey your point. SHOW YOUR CUSTOMER why they need SEO. Plus other reasons like:

  • It’s FREE for our Boostability partners. Nothing better than that.
  • Gives you actual data to support your pitch.
  • It also gives visual graphs and charts to back that up and show your customer why they need SEO.
  • Very few things motivate someone like seeing they’re doing worse than their competitors. Show them how they compare.

Selling SSEO becomes so much easier when you have the data to back up what you’re saying. We’ve compiled this guide to help you better sell SEO services to your customers. 


Website Analysis For the Win

Data matters. Data driven decisions drive business today. It’s important to arm yourself with as much data as possible in order to make good decisions for your business moving forward. And that’s where tools like the Free Website Analysis for our Boostability partners comes in handy for your SEO reseller sales process.

We want to help you sell better by providing with tools needed to help others make those data driven decisions. Learn more about our white label SEO platform and what you can expect from this type of partnership.

To get in touch with a Partner Success Team member for more details about our process, case studies, and anything else you need, visit our white label SEO services page!


Paul is the Director of Business Development at Boostability