Holiday Social MediaHopefully you get to step away from your desk for a much-deserved little break this holiday season and spend some time with family and friends. However, just because it is the holiday season doesn’t mean that your business and the business world stops.

In fact, quite the opposite – the holidays are the busiest time of the year for many businesses, including the whole online world. Additionally, social media blows up this time of year, partly because of all the branding and marketing campaigns, but also because more people are using social media for their own personal use, as they are posting pictures of winter vacations, Instagramming holiday traditions, and checking updates as they have more personal downtime.

Take the initiative to make social media your focus this holiday season. Take advantage of all the potential customers using social media right now and look to the brands that are employing really great social media. Learn from their tactics and apply the to your business vertical.

Involve Your Audience

Marketing on social media is easy, especially during the holidays. Think of interesting ways to involve your target market, whether that is a giveaway, a contest, or a quiz. Think outside the box and tailor your holiday social media campaign to your market and your business. Creative social media campaigns can yield incredible results.

Actively Participate

You must participate! Don’t give up on social media just because the holidays are slow for many businesses. Sure, you can craft your social media campaign and set your programs to automatically post for you so that you can relax a little bit, but social media is a living, breathing thing and it requires your care and attention…even during the holiday season. Craft your holiday campaign now and reap the rewards all holiday season, but remember to occasionally post about relevant topics in real time.

Get Festive

Get into the holiday spirit by sprucing up your social media presence. Make your cover photos festive and tweet about festive topics in additional to your regular programming.

This is a fun time of year and everyone seems to get in the spirit of happiness and giving and celebration. Get your social media in the holiday spirit too by showing your human side. Post a fun holiday blog post, pose a holiday-based question to your Facebook fans, or make a time-lapse video of employees decorating the office Christmas tree. Anything you can do to involve your customers in the spirit of the season and to show them that your company is fully embracing this exciting time of year will humanize you and make your customers remember you. When they remember you, you’ll reap the benefits. Think of some really effective holiday campaigns that have gone viral, like last year’s WestJet Christmas campaign. That video that WestJet put together of their Christmas surprise has over 36 million views – how’s that for holiday social media marketing? Think about what you can do to create viral content – even if it’s just viral for your little community of fans and followers.

How will you use social media to boost your business this holiday season?