Update: Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) has been rebranded to Google Search Console. Everything is exactly the same as it was before. Just a new name. The name was changed to be more inclusive since webmasters are just one of the many groups of people that use GWT.

When I am working with our clients, I always want to make sure that they have signed up their site to Google Webmaster Tool.  This is a great way to keep your site indexed on Google, Track traffic, and it also offers a lot of other great ways to help improve your website.

A great feature that is part of the whole package (which is free) is a way to see where people are linking to your website, as well as the links that you have built within your website.  A major part of any SEO campaign is building and maintaining links. Inside and out, you need to be sure that there are links. With the reorganization from Google that has taken place, it is going to be even more simple to understand your links.

To me the changes seem to be much more organized and in an easier fashion to read. It is vital that you know where your links are coming from and how they are impacting your rankings and validity online.

If you have questions at all about this new change please let us know. Also if you have not yet gotten your site registered with Google Webmaster Tools I suggest you do it now!  You can sign up here.