BoostUniversity is here to introduce our new PartnerU tool belt!

But first, a little background on Boostability’s partnering approach.

Boostability is the leading small business SEO fulfillment and white label internet marketing provider. We provide SEO technology and fulfillment services for marketing agencies, media companies, yellow pages providers, and any other company that services the small business marketplace. What we do best is integrate with other companies looking to offer SEO and business, but want to partner for a more profitable SEO solution. Using our proprietary technology and services, we can deliver the most valuable, cost-effective and scalable SEO solutions in the marketplace.

We custom design our SEO partner programs to meet your specific needs, work with your existing client database, and quickly create an additional revenue source for your business. We are always looking for new partners and if you have the market, we have the service.

And now, with PartnerU, we have an easy to access array of videos, guides and tools for new and old partners alike. At Boostability we are always happy to answer any questions you may have and help you every step of the way. But, if you want your own reference point about our partner solutions you can go back to PartnerU time and time again.

What Does PartnerU Offer?

Here’s a quick overview of what you can find with PartnerU.


Not sure if you are ready to partner? Need help explaining to your clients how things work at Boostability or what the process entails? Our quick videos paint the picture of how we will fulfill your SEO expectations.

The videos cover:

  • Getting started as a partner
  • How your clients get started at Boostability
  • What to expect with Boostability
  • How Boostability creates your SEO strategy
  • Customer reporting with Launchpad


With easily accessible eBooks, Boostability won’t only help boost your SEO standing; we’ll also teach you how to do it yourself.

Our guidebooks currently include:

-Selling SEO and Social Automation to SMBS

This eBook examines the optimum approach for sellers of marketing automation to add SEO and social marketing services for their customers in an increasingly digital world. With so many business going digital and turning to social media as a means to market, it’s essential to learn how to stand out among all the competition. Let us show you how.

-An introduction to local search

We’ll help you know what it takes to get someone within your area, into your store with our local search guide. Learn the difference between local and general SEO and which your business should focus on. Understand the role tools like citation, link-building, online reviews and more take in getting your business listed on Google’s SERPs. Next, we’ll teach you why Google My Business is important and how to use it.

-200+ Search ranking factors you should know

Learn all you need to know about how to get your domain to rank well online. Covering tips from content body length, URL’s, header tags, image optimization, privacy policies and everything in between, you’ll have detailed access to the same tools we use through this PartnerU guide.


While it is pretty self-explanatory in itself, another exciting feature on PartnerU is our KPI worksheet. It can be difficult to measure how effective your social media marketing actually is, but we can help you know how. You’ll look at how big your social media presence is, how people are interacting with you, your impact, which of goals are being achieved, and if you are meeting internal standards.

-Top 23 social media KPI worksheet

Check it out for yourself!

If you are ready to stop reading about PartnerU and start exploring it for yourself, check out PartnerU.