A little less than a week ago, a video was released from the Churchill Club, which is a non-profit forum where those that are in Silicon Valley can talk about different subjects in technology, the future and about Google search.  This is a video that lasts over an hour and a half long but is chock full of great information for anyone that wants to learn more about how Google does their search. I found it very informative! Let me share with you the video here if you have time to watch it. It may get a little technical and be a little confusing but it is definitely worth your time:

In this video, Matt Cutts talks a lot about all of the different changes that are made in the Google search algorithm each year. Google performs about 500 updates a year and around 20,000 changes as well. These numbers show just how passionate Google is about being the best serach engine around. As you are watching this video, you can truly see the passion and love that these Googlers have in improving and making Google search better.

The video also discusses the speed and time that it takes to have a search result shown. There are hundreds of people now on staff that are trying to change and improve every single part of their search. Google is in the cutting edge because they love what they do, and want to make sure that they are providing the best results to their users.

As a business owner you want to prove to Google that you are a relevant and reliable company for your customers. I am in the SEO industry because I love helping people succeed in business. I have always wanted to help people find answers to the questions they have. If you want to prove to your customers you are the authority in your industry and have the answers, let us at Boostability help you out.