Do you have an elevator SEO pitch? If you pursued a college degree in communications or marketing, you might already have practice trying to explain your course of study to other people. The same is true of professionals who have worked in search engine optimization for several years. Still, can you make it all fit into the one minute or less you might spend in an elevator with a potential customer?

If you’re unable to show the value of what you do in less than 60 seconds, you’re not alone. The good news is that there are easy ways to organize this information. Make the effort to wow the next person who asks about your line of work.


Why You Need an Elevator Pitch

If you’re not yet sold on why you need an elevator SEO pitch in the first place, it’s a good idea to start there first. Unlike a doctor, teacher or lawyer, search engine optimization is not an age-old profession. The internet era ushered it in and over the past two or so decades, it has continued to transform. This has led to the redefinition of SEO several times over, as well as the creation of new roles.

This leaves people outside of marketing with genuine confusion about what SEO is. Having an elevator pitch to answer their questions at the ready helps to ensure that the person doesn’t leave the literal or hypothetical elevator with more questions than answers. If that person is a potential client, then you improve the chances of scoring a proper meeting. There you can go into greater detail and increase revenue for your company.


Why It’s So Hard To Define SEO

You may know perfectly well why an SEO pitch is necessary but still be unable to find the words. Why is it so hard? The main reason is that there are several different aspects of SEO. This affects the angle from which you approach SEO, and therefore, how you define it.

Each organization has its own subdivision. For simplicity, consider the three main types identified by Amazon Alexa’s website ranking system:

  • Off-Site SEO: Strengthens the relationship with the client website and others, usually through link-building strategies.
  • On-Page SEO: Optimizes individual pages on a website, typically through the use of keywords and meta tags.
  • Technical SEO: Improves non-content elements that affect SEO, such as loading speed, indexing, security and crawlability.


What To Include in Your SEO Pitch

Because SEO is so multi-faceted, many people struggle to decide what is most important to include in 60 seconds or less. Your initial response to this may vary based on your specific role in SEO. Step back from this to consider the bigger picture. Summarize your pitch into the following aspects.

  • What You Do: We help our clients’ websites to rank better in non-ad results when people search for things online.
  • How You Do It: Website design, keyword usage and link-building strategies are just some of the tools we use to help our clients’ website rank better than their competitors.
  • Why You Do It: Most people only check the first page when they search for things online. Helping our clients to make the cut ensures they get free traffic that later translates to sales.


Tips When Crafting Your SEO Pitch

Using the exact wording above can help you to sum up what SEO specialists do in just 20 seconds. This is the bare bones of your pitch. Depending on the length of that elevator ride, you could have another 40 seconds to go. Use that time wisely.

  • Consider Who’s Asking: If the person is a curious family member or a friend, then unless they ask a question, the answer above may be enough. If the person is a prospective client, add more to your pitch to highlight the value you bring to the table.
  • Avoid Jargon: “SEO” in itself is jargon. Many people have no idea it stands for search engine optimization and that search engine marketing is another thing entirely. Try to steer clear of jargon. Use layman terms wherever possible and use the full terms in place of abbreviations.
  • Pay Attention to the Portrayal: In an attempt to illustrate value, many specialists use an SEO pitch that paints their job as the superhero who sweeps in to fix the incompetencies of other people in the organization. No one wants to feel belittled. Don’t make potential clients fear that you would police and restrict their every move if they hired you.


When To Provide Greater Detail

Sometimes you have more than just 60 seconds at your disposal. You may find yourself talking to the person behind you in a long line only to discover they own the coffee shop up the street. Maybe the traveler sitting next to you on your flight is a photographer who could use help with their website.

You don’t want to spend the flight selling SEO, but you do have more time on your hands to make your case. Use your SEO pitch to focus on how search engine optimization can meet potential buyers at different stages of the buying cycle.

  • Awareness: When buyers first become aware of a general pain point, they may not be looking at products. They need to better understand that pain point first. Providing content to define the problem and showcase the many available solutions gives a business the opportunity to enter at this stage of the buying cycle.
  • Consideration: Other times, consumers understand the pain point and just want to know what potential solutions are out there to solve the issue. This is an excellent time for businesses to show buyers why the solutions they present are better than others.
  • Decision: Once buyers decide what they want, SEO can help to convince them of one particular solution. Sometimes even when they decide on a brand, different stores can compete based on price point and customer service. Without SEO, companies lack the ability to pitch what they have to offer to customers who are ready to buy.

If you are an SEO reseller, these tips can help you to improve your closing rate on quick pitches. Use the end of your SEO pitch to offer to continue the conversation at a later date. Give your contact information.

Even better, consider asking for the other person’s own. Try, “Your business sounds very interesting. I’d love to hear more about it over coffee.” This is a great way to turn down the intensity of the sales pitch and focus on another important aspect of marketing: building relationships.


Hiring the Right Partner

When you partner with the world’s leading white-label SEO provider, you can feel confident about every value promise that you make during your SEO pitch. To get started, give us a call at 1-877-672-9676.