Does Your Organization Have A Proven SEO Campaign Management Solution?

By my rough estimate, there are about 3200 SEO agencies in the US market, and more are cropping up daily.

SEO spending is expected to at least double from 13 billion in 2008 to 26 billion by 2013. Local agencies are trying to meet the demands of their markets and selling  services like mad. This is all well and good.

Does your organization have a consistent method for managing SEO campaigns? If so, are new employees trained on this same method? Does management have a way to centrally follow the progress of any one SEO campaign? Is management also able to track employee performance?

At Boostability, we are learning more and more that most SEO agencies are not using a centralized SEO campaign management application. Rather, the  spectrum swings towards the in-house, decentralized method.  One of the primary reasons we entered this market space was to provide a solution to the issues your agency may be facing.  If the in-house approach has been effective to a point but is now losing ground or becoming out dated, consider what Boostability has to offer.

Our team has developed a first-rate online campaign management tool that can by used by the SEO analyst staff for SEO work-flow fulfillment activities and by the management team for tracking overall campaign performance.

There is no limit to the amount of campaigns a single analyst can maintain. The system also accepts multiple analysts working their many campaigns, respectively.

It seems every manager loves reviewing reports and looking at dashboards to measure performance.  Boostability’s  system will provide the manager the tools necessary for following the progress of the SEO analysts working on their campaigns. How much time did the analyst spend on each campaign? How many SEO tasks were completed?

As every organization deals with employee transition, a history of campaign SEO work is preserved and new SEO work-flow tasks for the same campaign can easily be fulfilled by a replacement analyst. None of the work is lost and the hand-off is smooth.

Is your organization ready for SEO campaign management technology? We’d love it if you checked out what we have to offer. For more information, visit our website at or send us an email at [email protected]. We think you’ll be impressed by what we have to offer and pleased by the pricing.