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SEO is tricky business. You may be operating a firm and have a staff of highly qualified analysts working earnestly to service your customers’ needs. Internally, you’re able to monitor work-load activities, cross off action items, set goals, and track domain progress.

With all you are doing to operate a high-functioning SEO agency, how is the reporting you offer your customers? Are you able to provide transparent reporting activities and dashboards that display a range of detail ensuring them they are getting what they pay for? Can the customer access these reports through an on-line account? If not, can they contact their account representative and quickly be provided this information?

Many SEO agencies do not offer effective ROI reporting. This is common in the industry and there are no standards that customers can expect. This may lead to their frustration. Even the best SEO agencies suffer from troubling retention rates as customers become agitated spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month and not being sure they are making any headway in their on-line marketing campaign. They want assurances that the money they pay you is delivering them tangible results.

Boostability was formed to solve the reporting pains your agency may be faced with. Put simply, we spent all our energies and efforts building an SEO enterprise solution that can assist your agency in delivering what your customers are looking for, namely a full suite of centralized reporting dashboards that clearly show the progress your efforts are making for them.

Our programmers have tapped all the analytical assists we could gather, including Google Analytics and Alexa Rank, and have thrown in our own mixture of diagnostic dashboards to provide breakthrough reporting solutions that will wow your customers.

Some of our reporting includes:

  • Competition – A report that compares the customer’s  site to their competition. This information is drawn from the Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, inbound links, and pages indexed to calculate the customer’s competitors’ scores in relation to them.
  • Page Index – A report that shows the number of web pages from the customer’s website that the various search engines have indexed, or added to their results pages.
  • Google Page Rank –  A link analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to the customer’s site on a scale of 0 to 10 (10 being the highest). The purpose of this number reveals to your customer the relevance of their website on the Web.
  • Keyword Ranking – A report that allows the customer to see the current search engine rank for each keyword they are focusing on, and also shows a history of how those rankings have evolved over time.
  • Actions and Traffic: Boostability’s  SEO enterprise solution provides action items for your analysts to accomplish on your customer’s behalf. Such actions are in line with your current activities, including back-linking and registry updates. This report provides graphical analysis that reveals if these actions are having an impact on the customer’s website over time.
  • Overall Web-page Scoring – A collection of analyzed data to deliver an overall score based on every section reported on.

Our intentions are to assist an SEO agency’s goal of delivering superior customer service. The results of this translate to a satisfied customer that sticks with you for a long time.

Boostability also offers these reporting tools to small businesses with limited on-line marketing budgets that want to manage their own SEO.

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