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custom and templated websites difference
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What’s the Difference Between Custom and Templated Websites?

This article was first published on Feb 9, 2018 and has been updated in August 2021.  Purchasing a website can be difficult and confusing. There

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How to Choose the Right Images for Your Site

In our social media world, millions of people spend hours trying to get the perfect picture to post online to share with their followers and

privacy in digital marketing
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Privacy in 2020: How Your Marketing Strategy Needs To Change

In the digital world, there is little room for privacy. Several countries and just two U.S. states have since stepped forward with privacy laws they

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The 7 Pages You Need On Your Website

Web design is incredibly important for every kind of business. The internet has revolutionized how people make purchases, and its effects reach further than just

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Here Comes the Sun—And Changes To Your Web Traffic

Summer is a time many people throw their cares out the window and make the most of life. Depending on who you are, the ideal

How To Test Your Website's Mobile Usability With Google
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How To Test Your Website’s Mobile Usability With Google

For tips on how to test your website’s usability from a variety of mobile devices, follow these various directions below. How To Use Google Search

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Is the Homepage Dead? Website Essentials to Make Your Homepage Relevant

The homepage was once considered the unrivaled window to the world for every website. But in 2014, magazines like Forbes and The Atlantic followed a

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How to Become an Authoritative Website

Google uses a complex algorithm to determine how to rank pages in its search results. One factor it considers is the authority of a website.

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10 Tips For Effective Website Design

I have looked through thousands of websites so you don’t have to, and I’ve compiled the best list of web design tips I could possibly