7 Proven Ways to Acquire New Clients Through Social Media

7 Proven Ways to Acquire New Clients Through Social Media

7 Proven Ways to Acquire New Clients Through Social Media

The great thing about 2018 is that there is more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to acquiring new clients online. Referrals are very good, for example — and so is social media

There’s a snag, though. Just like you are on social media, so are your rivals. And both of you are potentially chasing the same client.

Moreover, conventional marketing is kind of hard and it costs so much money.

This is where unorthodox marketing comes in handy. Combined with hustle, work ethic, and a willingness to try something different that your rivals haven’t yet considered, the 7 unorthodox ways to acquire new clients through social media that I’m going to take a look at in this article could be just what you need to take your business to the next level.

1. Don’t be so needy

I didn’t want to be the one who analogizes acquiring new clients via social media with trying to land a date via an online dating site, but what the heck — I’m gonna be that one.

See, just like desperately needing a date can make you look so needy that no one talks to you or dates you, desperately needing clients has the same effect on your clients.

It works like this: If I want a date so bad, I’m going to make it known with the way I talk to people online. And if I want a new client so bad, I’m going to make it known with the way I talk to clients on social media.

Both will create a very bad smell. End result? I won’t have a date or a client.

From now on, stop needing new customers. Go on social media with the mindset that you don’t need anything from anyone right now — you’ve got too much business to cope with anything new and, besides, they can’t afford you.

I promise you, once you switch your mindset from “I need new customers before the end of the day or I’ll go out of business” to “I can take or leave new customers. If anything, they need me,” the way you act on social media will change for the better.

2. Give stuff away for free

Giving stuff away for free works so much better than going down the hard-sell route on social media.

What’s important to remember is that people — even your prospects — are on social media to be social, not to be sold to.

And they love free stuff.

Free stuff does two things:

1) It gives your prospects a chance to try before they buy. This is an essential SaaS marketing tactic and it works like a dream.

2) It raises awareness of your brand.

The more (awesome) free stuff you give away, the more attention you’ll receive.

3. Go overboard with value

Imagine being that one company on social media that goes above and beyond what customers expect from a brand like yours.

Too many businesses don’t know how to play the long game on social media. They think it’s all about selling, profit, and their bottom line, when the reality is that it’s about so much more than that. It’s about exceeding customer expectations. It’s about providing a crazy amount of value that people start to rave about you. It’s about giving customers more than they asked for so that you create a buzz, excitement — and customer loyalty.

From now on, start over-delivering on the value front.

4. Stand for something

People say that they’re willing to buy from a brand that reflects their values and which stands for something they also stand for.

It’s just the same with your clients. We all warm to companies who reflect our own values.

On social media, you can’t really afford to be selfish. If you’re that company who ignores questions, provides awful customer service on Twitter, never gets involved in conversations, and stands for nothing except an ability to sell, you’ll really struggle.

Companies who stand out on social media are those who grab the new clients. And these companies are generally not boring. Instead, they actually stand for something, be it an unselfish attitude, an obsession to resolve every single customer problem or simply a higher purpose to actively change peoples lives.

Know what your values are and flaunt them on social media.

5. Be personal

Marketing campaigns can cost a lot of money. But it costs you nothing to be personal on social media.

For example, if a customer leaves you a comment on Facebook, go out of your way to reply and make it personal. Refer to them by their name, have a quick scan of their own Facebook profile and make the conversation human.

6. Respond to all reviews — even negative reviews

Customers put a lot of weight on online reviews, with 90% saying online reviews impact their buying decisions.

The thing is, do you have the time to respond to each review?

Of course you do!

Responding to all reviews makes it look like you’re active, and that you appreciate the time it took someone to write their review.

But what about negative reviews? Do you need to reply to those, too? Sure. If you ignore a bad review, it’s left on the table with no defense. This makes you vulnerable. Take some time to assess what someone has said, sympathize with them and — if they are right to say what they’ve said — let them know you are working hard to resolve the issue. With the right response, you can turn a negative review into a positive marketing tactic and this can help you gain more clients.

7. Cross-pollinate

Let’s say you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles. That’s great, but you can’t post the exact same content the exact same way on each profile.

Why not? Because users digest things differently on each platform. The Facebook user experience is different to the Twitter user experience. So while you can post the same message, the way you present each piece of content has to be tweaked to suit each platform. Otherwise, you might find that you’re missing the bulls-eye each time. Make sure to optimize content for each social media profile.

These are 7 unorthodox ways to acquire new clients via social media. All are cost-effective, and the ROI can be huge. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Aljaz Fajmut
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Aljaz Fajmut is a digital marketer, internet entrepreneur, and the founder of RankTrackr and Nightwatch — search visibility tools of the next generation. Follow him on Twitter: @aljazfajmut