Your Holiday Gift Guide For The Marketing Professional You Know

Your Holiday Gift Guide For The Marketing Professional You Know

Your Holiday Gift Guide For The Marketing Professional You Know

Tis the season to be scouring the internet for holiday gifts that don’t feel impersonal or overdone. Finding the perfect gift for everyone on a marketing team can be tough (unless you have a factory of elves at your disposal). Whether the marketing pro that you know and love is into tech or tradition, this list has the goodies that will make even Santa jealous:

Basic Books

Good books never go out of style when it comes to gift-giving and these are some of the best books about the business of marketing: Twitter bird icon

QR Codes Kill Kittens by Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer

This isn’t the book you turn to when you want to learn how to solve all your marketing problems. This is the book that tells you what not to do, by delightfully skewering some of the most spectacular marketing failures out there. (If you’re thinking “QR codes inside urinals,” then you’ve got the idea of the sort of misguided marketing this book illustrates.)

Cost: $13

Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi

How do you cut through the content clutter that’s everywhere? You learn how to engage the customer in a story – one that ultimately both entertains and answers a question. This book teaches you how to turn one-sided content into a conversation.

Cost: $16

Search Engine Optimization 2015 by Adam Clarke

If your favorite marketing pro starts to geek-out at the mention of algorithms, spiders, and duplicate content, this is the book to buy. It delves into the way Google has changed the SEO game with its constant updates and teaches you the industry secrets that will send traffic to your sites.

Cost: $10

Cool Clothing

Grabbing people’s attention and being a maker of meaning is a pretty cool job – but that leaves little time to figure out what to wear, especially if you’re looking for something comfortable. Here are a few wardrobe updates that might help: Twitter bird icon

Keep Calm and Let Marketing Handle It Sweatshirt

Marketing can be fun, but it’s also an endless series of goals and deadlines. When everyone else is in a panic, the cool marketer will keep calm and come up with something spectacular. This sweatshirt conveys the “can do” attitude perfectly.

Cost: $30

Science/Art Venn Diagram Shirt

Nobody understands that marketing is part science and part art form better than a marketing pro. A Venn Diagram is a special way of illustrating the integral relationship between algorithms and intuition when it comes to search engine optimization.

Cost: $28

Suitsy Business Suit Onesie

Tired of seeing your favorite marketing pro in the promotional t-shirts that they brought back from those SEO conferences? This poly-cotton onesie is a pair of pajamas disguised as a full business suit, with faux buttons and adjustable cuffs. (Just be prepared for the sticker shock – good imitations don’t come cheap.)

Cost: $265

Double Duty Desk Toys

Desk toys are always a suitable gift because, well…who doesn’t like toys? These ones have a specific use or meaning that marketers will love. They make for an inconspicuous (or at least justifiable) addition to the office decor: Twitter bird icon

USB-Powered Thermoelectric Drink Cooler/Warmer

Protect your marketing friends from whatever science experiment is growing in the office fridge – and give them a gift that will cool or warm their favorite energy drink right at their desk. Four feet of USB cable lets this retro-style mini-fridge plug into any handy USB port.

Cost: $20

USB Pet Rock

The Pet Rock is arguably one of the best marketing success stories ever. This updated version of the original can serve as a constant reminder that the value of something is what you perceive it to be. This little guy plugs into any spare USB port and does…absolutely nothing (except make people wonder).

Cost: $8

Locking Cookie Jar

Marketers spend a lot of time at their desks and snacking can be a problem. This can help your marketer friends keep their hands out of the cookie jar and focus on work – since they can’t get into the box until the timer goes off anyhow. (Just remember to fill it with your friend’s favorite snack before you wrap the box.)

Cost: $40

Mindful Mementos

The heavy-duty brainpower behind marketing work can get tiring and it’s easy to fall into a rut and out of ideas. If you are looking for something that will help stimulate a marketer’s mind, sometimes a small item can do the trick.

Aqua Notes

Great ideas often come when people are doing something mindless – like taking a shower. Marketers can’t afford to wash those ideas down the drain and it isn’t practical to keep a regular pen and notepad next to the shower. These waterproof notes and pencils get into the shower with you (and let you preserve your ideas as they come).

Cost: $7

Caffeine Mug

Some marketing professionals have more caffeine in their bodies than they do blood. This little mug celebrates the specific molecular composition of caffeine and the marketer’s love of details. (Besides, no holiday gift guide is official without at least one coffee mug.)

Cost: $8

LED Word Clock

The marketing world is full of numbers – statistics, figures, formulas rule the day. Marketers have so many numbers floating around in their heads that something as simple as the numbers on a clock can start to lose meaning. This clock, however, tells the time in words, like real people do (and also reminds your marketing pal to always look behind the numbers).

Cost: $80

Terrific Technology

Part of the marketing job is keeping current, which means staying up on the latest technology trends, gadgets, and gizmos. The right technological tools can also keep your marketer connected and able to work even when out of the office. Twitter bird icon

The TravelCard Charger

This patent-pending piece of tech is about the size of a thick credit card, making it easy to slip in a pocket or wallet. It’ll add around five hours worth of talk time to an Android or iPhone – which means your marketing friend need never run out of phone power when it’s important.

Cost: $40

Touchscreen Gloves

Does your favorite marketer spend a long time on a commuter bus or outdoors during the winter? These water-resistant, cozy fleece gloves have special pads in the fingertips that make it possible to swipe, tap, and otherwise operate a touchscreen without exposing your hands to the cold.

Cost: $18

Moleskine Smart Notebook

If you know a marketing pro that still likes to carry a notebook in order to jot down thoughts or graph out ideas, this fun little gadget lets them instantly upload their notes to the Cloud as fully workable vector files. This takes someone’s penchant for pen and paper into the digital era.

Cost: $33

Half the fun of gift-giving is finding something that has both use and meaning – even if it’s sometimes just a sly nod to the quirks of a particular profession. Whether you’re looking for a gift for one marketer or a dozen, something on this list is sure to make your colleague or pal smile – and it will be far more personal than just another coffee shop gift card.

Maggie Black
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Maggie Black is a freelance writer, biographer, editor and mixed-media artist. She absolutely loves what she does for a living and occasionally gets out of her pajamas (for public appearances only).