What Social Media Profiles Are Good For My Business?

What Social Media Profiles Are Good For My Business

What Social Media Profiles Are Good For My Business?

We live in a world where we are told social media is the end-all-be-all of businesses. You don’t exist unless you’re online. Although that is true, as a business owner you don’t want to waste your time on a site that won’t bring customers. So if  you’re looking to build a strong social media foundation, consider building a profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram.

You don’t necessarily want to be an active user on every single site.  However, you do want a profile for your business on each one to prevent someone else from claiming your name. So even if you may not want to use Twitter, you will have ownership of your business name of that site.


LinkedIn is ideal for those persons or businesses that provide business-to-business services. If you’re a business attorney, sign maker, or provide video services, etc. you want to be on LinkedIn.

For LinkedIn it’s not enough to build a business page, you want to get in the right LinkedIn groups. There are groups that are meant for attorneys, but you want to look at those groups that specialize in your location. For example, look up Alabama Entrepreneurs (if you’re located in Alabama) and other groups that have your occupation in the title.


Facebook is great for companies that want to promote specials or their content. If your company has a blog you should be on Facebook, it’s a great way to drive traffic to your posts. It’s also good if you have specials that people can share.

The other reason to have Facebook is their Insights. You can learn a lot about your company’s demographic by researching who likes your page. This is a great tool for creating more focused marketing campaigns for your company.


Pinterest is a good platform for multiple business types. If you’re selling any kind of physical product, Pinterest is a great way to go. If you do landscape design and have high-quality photographs of your work, you need to have a Pinterest profile. It acts as a portfolio of your work. Even dentists and law firms can use it by creating boards that are applicable to their industry.

For example, as a dentist I would have a Pinterest board dedicated to oral hygiene infographics. If I was a family law firm I would have boards dedicated to posts about divorce, adoption, etc. Pinterest is becoming a search engine for women so even if you don’t pin your own content they can still find and follow your profile.


Every company should have a Google+ page. My reason? Google caters to those who are on Google+ and is great for your SEO. You also want to have a Google+  page if your company owns a physical location, such as a store or office building because it helps your company appear on Google Maps.


Twitter is a great way to improve SEO in general. You can share promotions and events (such as a webinar) or you can just give comments with relevant hashtags. This way you can talk about your business, share content, and get your name out there in a way that isn’t spam.

The great thing about Twitter is that you can share the same tweet a few times a day and usually hit a different audience each time.


Instagram is a must-have if you are selling any kind of product. If you sell vases, you better have an Instagram so you can post pictures of your vases and the many ways your customers use your vases to brighten up their homes and projects. Instagram is also great for showcasing recipes, weight loss tips/successes, and sharing who you are. This isn’t the best social media profile to have if you’re a business-to-business service.

There are multiple social media sites that can be excellent tools. Again, you want to have a social media profile on all of these sites simply to have your business name reserved. However, create a strategic plan for participating on platforms so you don’t waste time. If you take the time or hire someone to play an active role on social media it can be a great way to enhance the experience of your current customers and can help you find new ones.

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