This Week in Online Marketing [Video]


This Week in Online Marketing [Video]

This Week in Online Marketing

Facebook reports 2.5 million US businesses are actively purchasing Facebook ads with an average spend of $1,500 per year. Are you one of them? Get on board with Facebook ads.

During the holiday season, online advertisers should not ignore secondary ad platforms like Bing, Facebook, or Twitter. To keep it holiday-themed, Bing will be releasing 31 days of holiday-themed surprises on their website throughout December. Reduce costs and increase ROI by running ads across multiple platforms.

MarTech Today reports that ABM, or Account Based Marketing tools such as Artificial Intelligence reporting show more than click-throughs and lead qualification. With full funnel insight, ABM adopters see an average of 171% increase in annual contract value. SalesForce recently released their own ABM reporting platform. See what reporting tools your CRM offers. has conducted their own research with Twitter followers, discovering the majority of followers wait until after December 1 to do their online shopping. These results were matched by further insights into approximately 25% of people shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.   Looks like some things are worth waiting for!

That’s all for our news this week. Keep up to date on BoostTV for any need-to-know information to help you build and maintain your marketing strategy.

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