Simple Twitter Analytics To Immediately Improve Engagement


Simple Twitter Analytics To Immediately Improve Engagement

Twitter is a powerful business tool that is often overlooked by small businesses. And, that’s ok!  Twitter can seem very, very intimidating. However, this popular social media platform comes with tons of clickable perks and engaging conversation. Due to this, it’s important to learn how to harness higher engagement with Twitter Analytics.

Follow this fun infographic from SurePayroll to discover simple Twitter analytics tips that can immediately improve your engagement.

Fun Facts To Follow

Twitter users have a different kind of browsing in mind. Simply put, Tweeters are on this platform to click, read, engage, and to have conversations about topics that are important to them. Therefore, the key to is to be important!

We know, we know. Being important isn’t as easy as it sounds. As such, here are a few fun fact highlights from the infographic below that you should consider about Twitter.

  • 57% of users have discovered a new small and medium-sized business through Twitter
  • 67% of users discovering small businesses will choose to follow
  • Half have shopped with the small business website already
  • 73% of followers feel more positive about a small business after reading Tweets
  • 81% of your Twitter followers are more likely to take action on info you share via your website, social deals, email, or direct mail
  • 3 out of 5 followers make purchases from small businesses followed on Twitter
  • 86% intend to make a purchase in the future

Use Twitter’s Built In Analytics To Navigate Success

Twitter Analytics can help you to discover more about your activity. Twitter Activity shows which of your posts are most engaging so you can boost your engagement. You’ll be able to see a break down of comments, such as clicks and retweets to help discover what types of posts your followers want to see.

To discover more about the analytics dashboard, scroll through the infographic below.


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Zac Nevab is a small business owner and has been a contributor to the BoostBlog since June 2011.