Profile sites, is there SEO value?

Profile sites, is there SEO value?

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Profile sites, is there SEO value?  Maybe.  That is my answer for everything.  I probably should change my answer to, it depends.

Let me tell you a story.  When I first launched Boostability, I did the usual submit site map to Google.  Added some links through comments on blogs.  Submitted to quite a few directories, probably around 70 or so.  But the one thing I did that ranked the very next day for my company name was to create a profile page on Merchant Circle.   So Yes if you submit to the right profile sites and no for the wrong profile sites.

I actually submitted to another profile site first that I eventually started ranking a few pages deep a few months later.  I don’t think I really got any value from it.

Boostability has a list of profile site that will add value to your website and search engine visibility that they give as action items to complete for subscription customers.

Some tips I can give.

  • If you want to rank the profile page for more than the company name, add a keyword or phase with your company name.
  • Use all the text available for your company description. (use your keyword phrases in your description)
  • Add as many photos as you can.
  • A video will give you an edge over your competition.
  • Make sure you give your correct email.  Most profile sites will let you know if someone adds a comment or review to your profile page.

There has to be a lot more tips out there.  So if anyone else wants to contribute, please do.

Another advantage is it will drive traffic to your site and visibility to your company.

Travis Thorpe
[email protected]