Our Top Halloween Marketing Articles from Around the Web

Our Top Halloween Marketing Articles from Around the Web

Our Top Halloween Marketing Articles from Around the Web

We wrote a bunch of Halloween marketing articles this year. In case you missed some of them, here’s where you can check out our favorites.

Avoid These Marketing Monsters Dwelling in Your Closet

Appearing on Marketing Bitz, this article is all about the scariest mistakes marketers fall prone to. Learn about the most common marketing monsters and how to keep them securely locked away.

Ghosts in the Graveyard: Strategy Mistakes That Are Killing Your Business

If you want your business to survive long after Halloween, you need to pay heed to the advice in this story on Medium. In this article, we look at five fatal errors businesses frequently make. And then we discuss how you can improve your strategy to avoid ending up in an early grave.

How to Avoid a Social Media Nightmare and Carve Out the Perfect Posts

Social media can be your best friend — or it can be the source of nightmares for your business. In this post, published on Blue | Be Impossible, we show you examples of brands that went to the dark side and made poor social media decisions. Then, we examine how you can apply your creative skills to craft exceptional posts for this time of year.

How to Help Clients Turn Tricky Trolls into Positive Reviews

Unfortunately, trolls don’t just come out one night of the year. The good news is this means you can apply the advice we shared on LSA Insider at any time of year. Find out how to turn even the most horrifying online reviews your clients receive into something positive.

If you can’t get enough of our Halloween content, check out the Boostability blog for more posts containing priceless advice for marketers.

Size Up Your Holiday Campaigns: A Seasonal Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

Social media is a great place to get into the holiday spirit. One thing you’ll want to do is share images. For your campaigns to be effective, make sure that you’re posting images in the right sizes.

Use our image size guide for help.

Don’t Ghost Your Customers: 5 Ways to Stay Visible After They Leave

It is much easier to gain repeat sales than nurture new customers. Despite this, many businesses continue to ghost their customers.

Stop scaring users away with these ideas.

October Awards for Boostability

We won many awards in October for digital marketing, SEO, and web design. We also won the Best Work–Life Balance award from Comparably for the positive feedback we received from our employees.

Read all about our awards here.

Trick or Treat? Using Social Media to Boost Online Reviews

Goblins and ghouls abound this time of year. They can even make their way into your online reviews. To maintain a positive reputation online, use social media to encourage customers to leave you good feedback.

Find out how to do so here.

Don’t Troll the Wrong Customers: 5 Ways to Unmask Your Content to the Right Audience

No one likes a troll, not even at Halloween. The problem is, you may be trolling without even realizing it. Make sure you’re only targeting customers who will convert.

These tips will help.

October SEO Update

Our October SEO update talks all about the changes we saw this month rankings. We discuss why the changes occurred, what they mean, and where you should go from here.

Read the article here.

Trick or Treat SEO: Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO

Trick or treat? When it comes to SEO, your answer should definitely be treat. This means purging black-hat monsters from your strategy.

Use these tips to get started.

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