Natural Link Building Strategies to Boost Your Link Portfolio

Natural Link Building

Natural Link Building Strategies to Boost Your Link Portfolio

Natural Link Building

Links are one of the main currencies of the Internet. Tweet This Search engines use them to determine whether a website is popular, trustworthy, spammy, and authoritative. Think about it. Do you ever link to another website on the Internet? Maybe you wrote an article about kitchen sinks and linked to a website that has a picture of the kitchen sink you have always wanted. When you put that link in your site, was it because you were super impressed by how spammy and unprofessional the other website was? Or, was it because you trusted that website and you recognized it as an authority? They probably also had a fantastic picture of the sink.

Link building happens naturally across the web all the time. But many organizations find that they need a boost to start getting their links out there. That is where strategic link building comes into play. Tweet This

Great Content Invites Natural Link Building

The #1 best link building strategy is to not focus too much on the act of link building itself, but rather to focus heavily on creating excellent content that is authoritative, fills a need, and is highly engaging.

If the content is authoritative, others will naturally want to link to your article as a resource. If your content is interesting, valuable, and engaging enough, it should gain a following by virtue of the fact that people naturally like to share and link to interesting and valuable content. The key here is to provide something of significant value to your readers, and to do it in a way that is easy for them to share with others.

Once you have the right content, you’ll just need to get the word out via social media, email marketing, and other advertising campaigns and let the link building magic happen on its own.

That isn’t to say that you should forget about link building altogether. Link building campaigns are still very important, and many organizations may need a supplemental link building strategy that goes above and beyond focusing solely on creating authoritative and engaging content.

Supplemental Link Building

One great supplemental strategy is to include your URL in your social and online commenting. Be careful though. It isn’t a great idea to go around using your URL just anywhere. The idea behind natural link building strategies is that the links are just that: natural. This means including a link to your content only on sites and posts that are relevant to your own. In other words, don’t leave spam (i.e. random comments on websites all over the Internet). Instead, just look for opportunities to get your link out there in a natural way when you are commenting on another great webpage that is relevant to your own.


Whatever your link building strategy, just remember that link building is important. Search engines, like Google, perceive links to your website as “votes,” so to speak. So make an effort to gain votes (i.e. links) that search engines can trust. That happens when links to your website appear on other quality and authoritative websites, and when links happen in natural ways.

With a consistent link building effort, your site’s authority and page rankings ought to increase over time. When you focus on natural link building instead of relying on outdated black-hat tactics that search engines recognize as spammy and unnatural, you’ll find that the results are very beneficial for you and your business because the content will be very valuable to your readers.

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