My Take on “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh

My Take on “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh

This may be a little different than my standard blog posts about SEO, but I truly think that this is relevant for business owners. I truly believe this book will help anyone that is wanting to start a businessĀ or owns one already.

The full title of the book is “Delivering Happiness; A Path To Profits, Passion, and Purpose,” and is written by the CEO of Tony Hsieh (pronounced Shay). It in a way is a biography of Tony’s business experience and also the biography of thus far. As an Entrepreneur myself, it was really exciting to read about the businesses that he helped create and the amazing success that came to him from them.

The book is broken up into 3 different sections, and the first section talks about the creation of Zappos. Then the 2nd area goes in depth talking about the creation of Zappos culture and the final section talks about how to increase this culture to involve people outside Zappos.

The book introduces us to Tony growing up and starting his own little businesses. We then see him graduate from college and begin his first successful company. Those of you that have been with the internet since the beginning have probably heard about an advertising company called LinkExchange. They were bought by Microsoft for a few hundred million dollars. Tony was one of the founders of that company, and once it was sold he started to move into investing in start-up companies. This is how he got involved with the creation of Zappos.

Initially they had a vision of being the biggest retailer of shoes online, and slowly over time they started to work towards a different vision. They wanted to “WOW” their customers with the amount of time that they put into helping their customers as well as their vendors and investors. This continued to grow more and more as years progressed and the business model was working.

This book is all about creating an internal culture in your business that helps to build more teamwork, and wants customers to come back to you again and again because they are always happy with your service. That is of course easier said than done, but all throughout the book he has ideas and resources that you can use to create your own culture.

Creating an ideal culture is something that I would like to see happen internally here at Boostability, and also see it happen to those of you that work with us. SEO is an amazing thing that can help boost (no pun intended) your business in the search rankings, but if you have a diverse and exciting culture implemented into your business model, you will gain even more visibility and be talked about by your customers. That PR is priceless and we know this just by seeing the type of success that Zappos has had when they have only been in business for a few years.

I really enjoyed reading this book and would really like to see more companies start using the tools that are introduced for achieving happiness in the work place, and also in life. If you are interested at all in this book, you can check it out on Amazon.

Jordan Colton
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