Has Your Information Been Pwned?

Has Your Information Been Pwned?

Malicious software, viruses, and trojans abound on the internet these days.  It really can make it hard for a lot of people to feel comfortable searching online and giving out their personal information to websites that don’t seem legitimate. As we have seen with Google’s Panda update, this has been a big factor in rankings. If you have an shady looking website, you are not going to be ranked as well as others. Now if you follow the practices that we at Boostability give to our clients, your clients will trust you and it is going to increase your subscriptions and sales. Looking at your own personal information, have you wondered if yours has been taken?


For those of you that might be curious about your own personal information, there is a site where you can see if any of your emails have been compromised.  Pwned List is the name of the site, and for those that don’t know what pwned is, it is a hacker term for being owned or taken over.

On their site you can submit your email address for free, and see if it has been compromised. They get thousands and thousands of email addresses and usernames that have been hacked, and you can see if yours is one of them.  I checked mine and so far no one has hacked into them. This doesn’t mean that it never will be hacked though. That is why on their site they show you tips to make your email address more secure and less likely to be hacked.

Don’t think that you are not vulnerable to having any of your information stolen. It can happen to any of us. Just yesterday my brother had his credit card information compromised. Someone was trying to purchase a plane ticket and get a car rental with it.  Luckily the charges were caught in time and he wasn’t charged, but still it’s a scary and frustrating experience to have something like that happen. It just takes a minute or so to have your email address checked, and it truly is worth it.

Thanks to Digicert for notifying me of this awesome website!

Jordan Colton
[email protected]