Harry Potter Werewolf: The Rules of the Game

Harry Potter Werewolf: The Rules of the Game

Here at Boostability, we keep ourselves fresh by holding daily team meetings. Because let’s face it—sitting in a chair and working on a computer becomes maddening after a few hours or so.

Three Boostability employees playing Harry Potter WerewolfWe’re not talking about that kind of meeting. We’re talking about a fun kind of meeting where we get paid to play games and clear our minds. Sounds magical, right? The game might be Spoons, Apples to Apples, LOTR Trivia, Mafia/Werewolf, or one of countless others. You should see our game shelf.

We Boosters also tend to be a bit, well, on the geeky side. Among others, we have proud representation from the Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Legend of Zelda fandoms. So it’s only natural that games and geekery have collided, spawning Harry Potter Werewolf.

NOTE: For the sake of brevity, those who are unfamiliar with the game Werewolf should take a quick trip to http://www.playwerewolf.co/rules/.

Harry Potter Werewolf Roles

Playing Harry Potter Werewolf is exactly like standard Werewolf, except with different names for the roles:

  1. A Boostability employee playing Harry Potter WerewolfJ.K. Rowling – (Narrator) Tells the story of the game. Not a player and as such cannot be killed.
  2. Death Eaters – (Werewolf) Kills a villager every night.
  3. Voldemort – (Alpha Wolf) Leader of the Death Eaters; Death Eaters can’t vote against him/her.
  4. Moaning Myrtle – (Little Girl) May open eyes every night to see what goes on. If caught by Death Eaters, dies immediately.
  5. Lily Potter – (Bodyguard) Chooses someone to protect each night. If that player is attacked, she/he lives.
  6. Malfoy – (Cursed) Acts like a normal Villager until attacked by Death Eaters. Then she/he becomes a Death Eater.
  7. Love Potion – (Cupid) Selects two lovers at the start of the game. If one dies, the other dies as well.
  8. Dolores Umbridge – (Hunter) If this person dies, someone else (of his/her choice) dies also.
  9. Severus Snape – (Witch) Has two potions – one to kill and one to save. Each potion is used once. As long as she/he hasn’t used the saving potion, she/he learns who is going to die that night and decides whether to use it.
  10. Harry Potter – (Prince) Survives lynching by revealing role.
  11. Trelawney – (Seer) Each night, points at a player to learn whether she/he is a Death Eater or not.
  12. Hagrid – (Drunken Maid) Each night, points to left or right. If attacked, the person to the chosen side dies instead.
  13. Dumbledore – (Old Man) Dies on night X, X being the number of Death Eaters in the game, regardless of when she/he is attacked.
  14. Mad-Eye Moody – (Tough Guy) Survives an extra day if attacked by Death Eaters.
  15. Hogwarts Student – (Villager) Ordinary person, gets killed by Death Eaters and votes to lynch suspects like everyone else.


Feel free to add or subtract roles according to group size and preference. Have fun playing the Booster way!

We welcome your thoughts and feedback. Do you have questions about the game? Did you invent a fun new Harry-Potter themed role? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Krystin Pipkin
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Krystin is the social media coordinator at Boostability.