Google+ is Like Sharing in Real Life

Google+ is Like Sharing in Real Life

A lot of great things are coming out of the Googleplex these days. I have been quite excited about all of the new tools that Google+ has been offering, and hope that you all will jump into Google+ and see what it’s all about. Some of the things that they recently have added is Google Profiles for businesses, equipped with the Hangout feature, which is really quite impressive.

Now what is a Hangout you ask?  It’s a new way from Google + to literally “Hang Out” with your friends or circles via a live streaming video chat. It’s video chatting with a group of your friends or family.

Pretty cool idea, eh? This is a big jump to changing the way that you interact with family and friends. Up to 10 people can be actually video chatting, but there can be an infinite amount of people that are able to watch what is going on.  But what can you do as a business to use this tool? The other day I was watching the Muppets talk about their new movie at a Hangout. It brought together members of the cast and crew together to talk about the show. Hundreds of people were able to participate in the Hangout by simply observing what was happening, in real time.

Only a few exclusive business profiles can host a hangout at the moment, but as time goes on this will probably change. In the meantime as a small business owner you can still host a hangout on your own personal profile. Perhaps you could have a CEO hangout where you can make an announcement about a new product or service. Maybe start a Q&A session where you take questions and answer them live. There are a lot of great opportunities and ideas that you can use.

Google recently released a video discussing Google+. In this quick commercial you can begin to understand the vision of what Google is trying to accomplish with Google+.

This is a great opportunity to join in now while it’s a newer social media outlet and connect with your friends and favorite brands or companies.  Be sure to connect with Boostability where we will soon be adding more content and possibly have a hangout ourselves that you can join in on. Using a hangout is a great way to be in contact with your customers and gain more visibility online.

As a business owner, what kind of questions do you have about Google+? Do you feel this is a great new tool to connect with customers? What kind of information would you want to learn more about with Google+? Let us know in your comments below!

Jordan Colton
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