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You need to have the right size images on your Google+ page to show that your business is professional and authentic. Remember, many customers will learn about your business through a Google search, meaning your Google+ page may contribute to their first impression of your company. Furthermore, ensuring that you use the right format on all your social media accounts leads to consistent branding. The problem is knowing what dimensions are appropriate for different types of photos on Google+. To help you out, we’ve created this cheat sheet.

  • Cover photo (968 x 545) – The largest photo connected with your account, this image will form the background of your Google+ page. Since the image is very large and wide, it is especially important to use the correct size to avoid a blurry, stretched, or awkwardly-cropped picture.
  • Profile picture (250 x 250) – Note that this image will actually be cropped to a circle. Your profile picture is also attached to any comments you make and it appears when you +1 posts, so it will receive plenty of visibility.
  • Shared images (502 x 282) – Images can have a max size of 2048 x 2048 for when a user actually clicks on the photo to view it.
  • Shared videos (497 x 279) – Videos that you share will appear in these dimensions. Make sure that users will be able to easily watch and understand the video at this size!
  • Shared links – large thumbnail (502 x 892) – Depending on the source you are linking to, either a large or small thumbnail will populate. This thumbnail will be accompanied by your link (if you choose to include it) and your written text.
  • Shared links – small thumbnail (502 x 250)
  • Shared GIFs (506 x ???) – The height of your shared GIFs can vary depending on the GIF. In any case, note that your GIF will autoplay on Google+!

Boostability Google+ Image Sizes Cheat Sheet


This post was originally published October 2015 and has been updated to be current in the new year.

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Caz is the Director of Marketing for Boostability and has deep experience blending business goals and marketing tactics into comprehensive company strategies. Her creative innovation and expertise has helped shape customer experiences and drive continual engagement for a variety of companies and products including Sony Music Entertainment and SpeedTV. Connect with Caz: @CazBevan | Linkedin


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