Glossary of Social Media Terms

social media terms

Glossary of Social Media Terms

Even experienced social media users can get confused when it comes to specific jargon. Understanding important social media terms can help you learn how to harness these platforms for your business. This glossary explains several key terms anyone working in digital marketing should know.



This is the set of rules social media platforms use in their software to determine how to focus content in users’ news feeds. Every platform has its own algorithm; most networks periodically install updates. Algorithms generally aim to promote popular content and reduce spam and bot content. For example, a major factor for Facebook posts is the level of meaningful interaction they trigger. Learning about your platform’s algorithm helps you ensure your content reaches its audience.


Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a top goal for digital marketing campaigns. It means increasing the level of familiarity your brand has with the general public. Brand awareness can stem from a distinctive social media voice, aesthetics or a specific ad or campaign.


Conversion Rate

When you take your business to social media, you want people to see your content. But that is not all you want. You hope viewing your content will lead followers to buy something, call your office for an appointment or take some other action. Your conversion rate shows you how many of your viewers take this action. In turn, this helps you measure the effectiveness of specific tactics.


Evergreen Content

This type of social media content can stay relevant over a long period of time. You can leave it up and periodically repost it without appearing out of date. Advice is more likely to be evergreen than news of current events.


Key Performance Indicator

A KPI is a metric that shows whether your social media campaign is meeting its goals. Perhaps your digital marketing goal is to promote a certain product. One KPI that measures its success would be conversion rates for this product.


Native Advertising

Native advertising is promotional content that blends into its environment rather than standing out as an ad. Many online readers tend to ignore banner ads. They are more likely to view and interact with promotions that come in the form of content.


Shareable Content

One key strategy in digital marketing is to post social media content viewers want to share. This expands the brand’s reach. Shareable content generates a strong reaction. This stimulates people to share it with their friends.


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