Follow Up on 301 Redirects

Follow Up on 301 Redirects

This seems to be a reoccurring topic that a lot of SEO’ers and search engines like to talk about. 301 redirects are a thing that have been used and abused for the entire history of the internet and getting the understanding out there as to what exactly a 301 redirect is can make all the difference.  There is a previous post that I wrote talking about what each type of redirection is and how it is used.

What I want to present here though is some more information about 301 redirects and what they are used for. A 301 redirect is a permanent change for your website. For those that have seen Napoleon Dynamite just remember his brother Kip singing to his wife that his love is “Always and Forever.”


That is how this change will be. Always and Forever! Once you make this change there is no turning back. This can be a good thing if you are moving your site to a new domain and want visitors and the search engines to know you are making the change.

A lot of webmasters may be wondering though if there is a set limit on how many redirects you can use per domain. Say you are in a situation where there is a 301 redirect to another 301 redirect, to another one, and another one. At what point is a crawler going to stop and say enough is enough? Well Matt Cutts is at it again with another great video from Google to talk about these exact issues. And here it is for your enjoyment:

It’s great to see answers like this given from the source. More is probably yet to come! We here at Boostability will continue to keep you updated!

Jordan Colton
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