Don’t Flush Your Marketing Dollars Down the Drain

Don’t Flush Your Marketing Dollars Down the Drain


Companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and maximize budgets, and the marketing budget is no exception. With most traditional marketing avenues (Print, TV, and Radio), a company can spend a lot of money on processes that may not target the right people at the right time, may limit what they can promote, and may not yield results that can be tracked.

However, Search Engine Marketing gives a company a cost effective solution to these issues.

Search Engine Marketing Targets the Right Person at the Right Time

When a person visits a major search engine, they already know what they want. It can be a product, a service, or just a piece of information. If you are a company who offers what they want, then your demographic is already on the web looking for you. You just need to appear in front of them. With SEM, you can work toward ranking for the products that you offer, and when a person searches for that product, you can appear as a valid option. Now your company is targeting a legitimate customer who is ready to make a decision.

Search Engine Marketing Allows a Company to Target More Than One Product or Service

Traditional media marketing has limits. If you are creating a printed advertisement, your space is limited. Now you have to decide which product and information should be displayed. If you decide on radio or television, then you have a limited amount of time to present your information. With SEM you can target as many products as you want. You can make sure that you rank on the front page for each product you offer. No Limits!

Search Engine Marketing Results Can Be Tracked with Amazing Accuracy and Detail

Most traditional marketing avenues can be categorized as a “shot gun” approach. For example, a commercial can be put on television at a certain time of day, but how do you know how many people viewed it? How do you know how many sales resulted from that commercial? You don’t, you just hope for the results. With SEM, a company can now track everything about the traffic to their site. They can know how many visits they get, how many pages are viewed, where the traffic came from, what that visitor searched for, did that visitor buy anything, etc. A company can know exactly what their investment yielded.

If your company is looking to maximize their marketing budget, Search Engine Marketing is their best option. With SEM, your company can target interested customers, they can promote everything they offer, and they can know where their money went.  They don’t have to flush their marketing dollars down the drain.

Matt Christensen
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