This article was first published on September 30th, 2021, and was last updated in September 2023.

If you’re reading this blog, it’s probably safe to assume that you either work for or own your own digital marketing agency and are facing some challenges that are: pushing you to expand your resources and teams, turn away business opportunities, or seek outsourcing for additional help. White labeling partnerships are an excellent solution to each of those three scenarios. And this applies with white label SEO software and tools available in the market!

With so many tools, software, and platforms promising the same thing (greater efficiency and quality resulting in greater revenue), it’s hard to know which one you should try for your own agency. Based on our own personal experiences and trials and error, we’re breaking down our favorite platforms for the following categories: Auditing, Analysis, Reporting, and Dashboards. Read on to learn why they’ve made the cut as our favorite white label SEO analysis tools and the pros and cons associated with each of them.

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What Are White Label SEO Tools and Software?

White label SEO tools (and software) follow the same concept as white label SEO services: it’s a third-party tool and software that a company may outsource for help in fulfilling a need for their own business or client, and is then rebranded under their logo (not the logo or name of the tool and software company).

Now whether it’s helpful or not, that’s entirely up to you. Most agencies do not have the financial or bandwidth resources to be able to create their own proprietary software to fulfill SEO needs. Therefore, it’s a common practice for SEO agencies to use a white label software or tool that helps them conduct necessary research, auditing, reporting, and much more.

Our Favorite White Label SEO Software and Tools and Why

Later in this piece, we’re going to talk through some of the benefits of using white label tools and software for SEO campaigns as well as what you should look for in your decision process. But for now, here are our top suggestions for each category based on personal experience, along with the pros and cons for full transparency on what to expect.

White Label SEO Audit Tool

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog offers both a freemium and paid version (€149 / year or roughly $172 USD / year). With the freemium, you can audit and analyze up to 500 URLs. If your clients are primarily businesses with smaller websites, this may be enough for you! But if you’re working on larger websites and need more sophisticated insights, the paid version has endless capabilities.

The paid version makes for a comprehensive white label SEO audit tool because it looks at necessary technical elements like image optimization, meta data, and response code information. But, it can dive even deeper allowing you to extract and search for specific data on the website in just a few minutes rather than hours or days if you were to do it manually. It can pull off detailed reports on broken links, redirect chains, grammatical errors, site speed, and much more.

Screaming frog

There are many pros to using this for white label SEO audits, but a notable con is that the interface isn’t the most user-friendly. Most of the reports can be exported into Excel CSV files that can then be converted into a Google Sheet. Thus making it easy to share with necessary personnel and clients. But there aren’t visually appealing elements that make the data easy to understand or digest. To achieve that, you’ll have to spend additional time making it user-friendly. The silver lining to this is that Screaming Frog has excellent documentation on their website when you run into questions or roadblocks on some of the functionalities.

Overall, it’s a highly recommended tool for SEO experts of all levels and worth the price. It will enhance your knowledge of SEO and prove to be extremely valuable with campaigns, strategies, and proving value to clients.

White Label SEO Analysis Tool


We don’t want to pigeon hole this amazing tool so we’re going to categorize it as a white label SEO analysis tool because it can do so much. From acting as a dashboard and being able to run in-depth site audits, to conducting deep keyword research of existing and new terms and monitoring backlink performance for multiple websites, it’s the closest thing to a one-stop-shop you will get in this industry.

SEMRush features an easy-to-use interphase, intuitive charts and graphics to enhance reports, and individual functions to further support your knowledge and campaign, like On Page SEO Checker, Competitor Keyword Gap Analysis, and SEO Writing Assistant for content writers that are brand new to the world of SEO.

SEMRush data

Watch our Search Sessions webinar with SEMRush’s Senior Market Research Manager and see what all SEMRush is capable of doing!

While there are very few cons to this tool, the major setback for most people is the high cost associated with it. Paid plans start at $119.95 a month, but you can save some money by paying an annual subscription rather than a month-to-month plan.

The other thing to be aware of is that the keyword tracking feature is based on a snapshot in time (typically when the page was last crawled). It’s not real-time keyword positioning data. This can make it more difficult to get a true understanding of where a page or keyword is performing depending on the day.

White Label SEO Reporting Tool


Swydo is a really intuitive and easy to use white label SEO reporting tool that we have used often. A major pro is that they offer a 14-day free trial and do not require a credit card to be placed on file. I don’t know about you, but I forget about the free trials I signed up for. The next thing I know I’m hit with an invoice I need to pay and a commitment that I wasn’t necessarily ready for! It’s good to know that you can avoid this with Swydo as a first-time user.

In addition to that, the interface is really user-friendly and easy to use. The setup process is simple and thorough, you can also configure the tool to different data platforms like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Once configured, the tool will populate the data you need through charts, widgets, images, and other options that suit your preferences (see below).

monthly seo report

It’s also customizable to your branding and logo designs. There are standard templates that the report automatically defaults to, but if you want something more unique, it will require time to personalize it to your liking (which can be a pro or con depending on who you ask).

Another nit-picky con (and a very minute one at that) to Swydo’s report pertains to the PDF reports download option. Before you send out the report to your clients (you can schedule them out to automatically send), remember to manually review the layout because it tends to cut the report into two pages if certain sections run longer and a page break isn’t inserted. 

Overall, those are specific details that don’t impact the overarching value and functionality of this tool, but something to be aware of nonetheless.

White Label SEO Dashboard Tool


White label dashboards are helpful for both the SEO team and the client. It’s a central spot to view your most important metrics and KPIs, organic performance, keyword positioning, backlink data, and whatever other metric is valuable for your campaign. 

AgencyAnalytics is a tool we use for various needs including keyword tracking and reporting. It pulls in real-time keyword positioning data which is extremely useful as some tools don’t. But the main thing that differentiates AgencyAnalytics from other white label SEO platforms and analysis tools is their dashboard.

You can customize and integrate the dashboard with a plethora of platforms that you may be using, like Majestic, Google Analytics, BrightLocal, and more. It also allows for dashboards to be saved and templatized making it easier to re-use them for other client projects if you prefer consistent dashboard layouts and metrics. But you can also create custom templates and personalize it with your own branding and logos seamlessly.


One word of caution: there are a lot of options for data to pull in for the widgets and tiles that make up the dashboard which can make it confusing for first-time users or people that are new to the industry. 

So, if you’re not familiar with a particular KPI or verbiage used in this tool, it’s trial and error. But it’s an easy thing to clean up and customize when you become comfortable with the specific metrics and KPIs to feature in this white label SEO dashboard.

Are There Benefits to Using White Label SEO Tools and Software?

1. Better Time and Money Spent on Something That Provides Value Now

While SEO takes time to see results and gain traction, these tools and software can provide an immediate value now. Otherwise you would not get it by foregoing using such resources or trying to build up the capital and team to create your own proprietary technology.

Many of these tools and software help with competitor research and finding valuable insights that can give your SEO strategy the advantage it needs now, or a solution to mundane yet necessary tasks. Like reporting, that significantly reduces the time spent on gathering data and creating reports. Instead, the time saved translates into more time spent on completing campaign deliverables, effectively communicating and managing the client relationship, or continuing education to increase skill sets.

2. Increased Efficiency and Quality

As mentioned above, certain white label solutions and tools can help increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace by cutting down on the manual labor for certain projects. If your team is able to work smarter and faster without overwhelming their current workload, this means that your business can take on more clients resulting in more demand and revenue.

3. Expand Your Scope of Work

Some white label SEO analysis tools and software can elevate your expertise and experience in areas that you did not have prior. In turn, this can help develop your confidence and ability to expand the scope of work in SEO that you can offer to clients.

Things You Should Look for in a White Label SEO Tool and Software

  • Ease of Use: Is it easy to use? One of the major benefits of using these kinds of tools is that it increases your efficiency and capacity. If it slows it down even more because of a major learning curve associated with it. It’s probably not the best solution for you.
  • User-friendliness: If you’re planning on sharing any of the reports or deliverables you create from that white label platform with your clients; it’s important to ensure that it’s user-friendly for them as well. Is the information difficult to digest or visually unappealing? It will be the same experience for your clients, and if they don’t find value in it; it’s not worthwhile to continue using.
  • Personalization: One of the benefits of white label SEO analysis tools is that deliverables and information can be rebranded under your agency’s branding. For some, this is a big deal whereas for others it’s not. If that’s important to you, choose a solution that allows you to customize the reports, assets, etc. to your liking!
  • Cost: In an ideal world, there would be a limitless budget for marketing departments. The reality is that all of these tools and software can be costly when you add up all the options, and most businesses can’t afford all of them. So it’s best to set your budget first and then research what’s a viable solution for your business.
  • Capabilities: As mentioned above, an ideal scenario would be the ability to go with every single tool or software that would be valuable in helping you complete your duties and enhance the client experience. But that’s rarely the case due to limited resources and budgets. Therefore, we recommend looking for tools that can get you the most bang for your buck. Can one tool deliver on multiple functionalities, or is it only capable of addressing one aspect of SEO well? If you can find a tool that touches on several different areas and can produce quality results, that’s great! But we’re not saying that a tool that specializes in only one area is bad. Sometimes those can be even more beneficial because they’re dedicated to being the best in a single area rather than mediocre in several different areas.
  • Free Trials and Demos: This has become an expectation from consumers and rightfully so! Tools and software that offer free trials and demos give an extra vote of confidence to their products. Take advantage of this and test out as many as you can to see what truly works for you and what doesn’t quite hit the mark.
  • Reviews: Just as with anything online, read the reviews to see what others have to say about the tool. Get a holistic view by looking at several different sources because fake reviews do exist and can be misleading.
  • Documentation and Support: Using a third-party software doesn’t come without its set of challenges or issues. This is to be expected, which is why thorough and easily accessible documentation and customer support is key when looking for a white label SEO analysis tool and software. As mentioned earlier, Screaming Frog is the shining example of how to do this well. It’s best to do your research on this before committing to a platform and then realizing it’s more difficult to find answers to your questions when it’s too late to make a change.

White Label Partnerships Can Help!

SEO is constantly evolving. On top of that, it seems like every other day there is a new tool or software released promising the latest technological advancements, increased efficiency and quality, and superior auditing and reporting capabilities. It’s easy to see how quickly this can become expensive and overwhelming.

The good news is that you don’t have to do this alone! If you’re an agency looking for help in scaling your SEO service, or need additional support and expertise that your resources cannot support right now, Boostability is here to help. We’re the leading white label SEO agency equipped with teams of experienced SEO professionals that can deliver quality results and successful SEO campaigns, Sales Support that can further assist you in closing that deal of a lifetime, and so much more.

Our mission is not to just be a white label fulfillment provider, but your partner in growing your business. Interested in learning more? Get the details about our white label SEO partner program and connect with a partner success team member for answers to your questions!


Maja is the former SEO Manager for the marketing team at Boostability. After graduating from the University of Utah with a degree in Marketing, her focus has been on expanding her knowledge and skill set in SEO. Prior to joining the corporate marketing team at Boostability, Maja gained experience working at several digital marketing agencies in Salt Lake City, focusing on SEO strategy development and fulfillment, as well as client account management. Working closely with clients ranging from small businesses to enterprise organizations, she has managed and executed SEO strategies for over 20 different company websites. Outside of work, Maja loves to go on hikes with her husband and dog, play volleyball, bake and cook, and try new restaurants throughout the city (she considers herself a fry-connoisseur).