Boostability’s Most-Read Topics of 2017

Boostability's Most Read Blog Posts of 2017

Boostability’s Most-Read Topics of 2017

Just like you, Boostability is hard at work analyzing their results throughout 2017. We’ve found some interesting results (literally). Check out your most searched-for and read blog posts from this year and where you can find the most recent results for the new year.

1. Google, Bing, and Yahoo – What’s The Difference?

For nearly two years, this topic continues to be a top result for Boostability. This post answers important and commonly asked questions, such as: What are the differences between Google, Bing, and Yahoo? Do they all do the same thing and Google just does it better? Are there differences that make one better than another in certain situations? Do most people just use Google because Google is a household name?

Google, Bing, Yahoo – What’s the Difference?

2. Do iFrames Affect Your SEO?

Another hot topic that goes back as far as our original post circa 2011! To put it simply, the answer is – Yes! iFrames do affect your SEO results. How you use your iFrames depends on whether that affect is good or bad for your search engine ranking. See if the ancient art of iFrame practice is good for your website by reviewing this popular post. Still unsure, grab your latest search engine results by getting your Free Website Score.

Do iframes Affect Your SEO?

3. How Often Is Google Crawling My Website?

This is a great question! And the answer has changed just slightly over the years. One of the most major changes Google has rolled out in the last year is more consistent, even changes to their search engine algorithms. In other words, Google has stepped away from the major updates that have created infamous chaos with websites in the past. To get the latest on how often your website has been crawled, you’ll want to setup Google Search Console. Previously referred to as Google Webmaster Tools, the search console gives insight to how Google interacts with your website in particular. To learn how to setup and/or review your Google Search Console results, visit our free Google Training on the Boost U:

How Often Is Google Crawling my Website?

4. How To Create A Lookalike Audience on Facebook

Lookalike audiences have been a game changer for Facebook’s pay-per-click advertising world. A lookalike audience allows you to find more people on Facebook that share common traits with optimizations that have worked for you in the past. You can now reach Facebook users with similar location, age, gender, as well as similar interests to your customers through the click of a button. This new audience list algorithmically shows similarities in interests deemed important to the success of your business by targeting the specific Facebook behaviors of the visitors and/or customers. To set up your lookalike audience, just click on the link above and follow this how-to guide.

5. Shocking News For Small Businesses: Google Plans To Shut Down Map Maker

Google Map Maker officially shut down on March 31, 2017. Although, many Google Map Maker features have been integrated into Google Maps. The Google Map Maker existed so users could contribute to map changes. This functionality has been moved into Google Maps with an overall goal of reducing spam or the abuse of the original program. Google’s official announcement can be found here.

6. 8 Ways SEO Changed in 2016

In 2016, the world of search engine optimization had some key changes. Long-form content became more significant throughout 2016 as did long-tail keywords. Exact-match keywords no longer mattered and marketing automations increased.

While this review was one of our most popular posts in 2017, we have the latest results ready for you! Read more on how SEO changed throughout 2017 with this latest post:

9 Ways SEO Changed in 2017


7. How Do I Remove My Name and Information From Google and YouTube?

As privacy continues to be a buzzword throughout the world, knowing how to remove content from Google and YouTube remains an important topic.

For YouTube, if you want to formally get the content removed, you need to fill out YouTube’s privacy complain form. In most cases, YouTube will contact the offending account. Don’t worry, they will keep your personal details private and the offender will not know you submitted the form.

Note, if your issue is that of copyright, you need to fill out a copyright complaint.

To remove content from Google Search results, click here.

For more information on removing content from Google and YouTube, click the link above for the full article.

 8. What 2017 Has In Store For Email Marketing Experts

Google, the ever popular ruler of the Internet, has come up with certain strategic changes to promote SEO-based marketing through a better channel. Websites that rely strongly on email subscription and pop-up ads may face some difficulty with these strategic changes from Google.

Were you one of the companies to benefit from these changes, or did your email marketing strategy need a redo in 2017?

9. 12 Weeks of Holiday Marketing

Happy Holidays! At Boostability, we love the holiday marketing season. Our holiday-themed posts continue to be some of our most searched-for topics throughout the year. See if your holiday marketing is right on schedule or get started with ideas for the 2018 holiday marketing season with these 12 weeks of holiday marketing tips.

12 Weeks of Holiday Marketing

10. 4 Quick Tips For Setting Your 2017 Marketing Goals

The start of a new year is important to all types of business! At the start of 2017, we wrote this topic on setting your 2017 marketing goals – a topic that is still useful today. Click the link above to go back in time and use this timeless topic to help set your 2018 marketing goals.

To get the full scope, check out all our new year’s related topics to help you set your 2018 goals here’s a review of all our current New Year’s-themed topics on the BoostBlog.

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