Boostability Press Release, March 23, 2010

Boostability Press Release, March 23, 2010

Small Business Service Providers Increase Revenue Stream by Offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Their Customers

Organizations that cater to small and local businesses can easily expand their product offerings by adding SEO. Boostability offers a proven model that can be configured to meet the needs of the organization and bring in new revenue streams.  

Lehi, Utah (Boostability) – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are just one offering available to businesses eager to find an edge on the Web. Small Business will also work with web service providers for website design, website hosting, Search Engine Marketing (SEM – including SEO, pay-per-click, and Maps Optimization), website analysis, merchant accounts, and the list goes on.

Boostability’s focus is on providing the best organic search software tools and services on the market today. We recognize the value an optimized website is to a business reaching out to attract new customers, build new relationships, and foster growth.

Since we don’t design websites, host domains, or set up merchant accounts, we’re always interested in partnering with organizations that do provide these services. In addition, we’ve discovered that other business services can benefit by offering their customers web-based packages, including SEO.

Travis Thorpe, CEO of Boostability, sees a real value-add for web and business service providers if they include SEO as part of their product offerings. “We’ve spent our time and money developing the best SEO enterprise campaign management platform that combines an easy to manage work flow process,” he says. “Our partners see the need to be able to manage all of the customer SEO work with a single centralized platform that the entire organization has access to. Partners need a platform that addresses operational issues and can scale the SEO offering.”

Boostability is flexible with the types of partnerships it establishes. Thorpe continues, “We’re aware that our partners may not have the resources to manage SEO activities, and that’s fine. We can configure the software to be accessible to our partners’ customers for self-service SEO or our team can fulfill these services.” He adds, “What’s great is that for a low cost you can white label the SEO workflow software and brand the service as your own.”

Who do we think makes a great fit for partnering ventures? As mentioned, hosting, web development, and web-service oriented companies are excellent. However, we’re also interested in exploring possibilities with non-web-based providers that may deliver such local business services as advertising, print media, or even legal services. Thorpe sums it up, “The partnership possibilities are widespread in the SMB marketplace.”

About Boostability:

Boostability provides an integrated enterprise-level SEO software platform for Internet marketing companies and professionals that service the SMB marketplace. Its enterprise workflow platform gives the ability to efficiently manage all your SEO customer needs.

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