Boost U: The Ultimate Resource Center for SMBs

Boost U: The Ultimate Resource Center for SMBs

Boost U: The Ultimate Resource Center for SMBs

If small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) are to have a chance at competing online, they’ll need a strong understanding of the latest technology trends and marketing best practices. You can receive all the training you need in these topics in a resource center like Boost U.

With a variety of courses covering every aspect of Internet marketing, you will learn how to improve your presence on major social media platforms, improve your website SEO, benefit from PPC advertising, and more. The resource center also provides users with an array of SEO tools, and invites SMBs to regular webinars.

Why Choose Boost U?

A reliable source of information

Many companies have their own resource centers, but some are more appealing to SMBs than others. SMBs tend to be the least interested in receiving advice from travel services, like airlines and rental car companies. The most popular resources centers tend to be those from technology companies.  Boost U falls into this category.

Optimized for all devices

Most users access resource centers from their laptops or desktop computers, but 19 percent visit on smartphones and 14 percent on tablets. Whatever your preferences in terms of device, you can view optimized content on Boost U.

Fulfilling users’ requirements

More than half of SMBs visit resource centers for advice. In addition to providing actionable tips, we fulfill other criteria desired by SMBs; namely we:

  • Publish content on relevant topics
  • Update information often to keep it fresh
  • Use an attractive design throughout the site (including intuitive navigation)
  • Ensure all our content is of the highest quality

How to Make the Most Of What Boost U Has to Offer

Visit Often

Many SMBs are missing out on what resource centers have to offer by visiting only infrequently or not at all. In a survey of 657 SMBs, 40 percent said they never visit resource centers, and 34 percent said they visit only rarely. You can get ahead of the competition by joining the 1 percent who visit daily, the 2 percent who visit a few times a week, or, at minimum, the 8 percent who visit a few times a month.

Explore different types of content

You can benefit further still by engaging with more than just a few types of content — Boost U offers a wide array of materials, including ebooks, videos, blog posts, tutorials, and tools.

Learn About a Variety of Topics

The most popular topics are those related to technology, but SMBs also visit resource centers for information about business development, sales, marketing, and trends. Boost U offers training in all these areas. Take advantage by learning at least the basics in every subject that will help you take your brand to the next level.

Laura Holton
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Utilizing her knowledge of SEO and inbound marketing practices, Laura has gained significant attention for her articles and blog posts. Writing on a range of B2B topics, she helps entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level, provides inspiration, and solves the most pressing problems small businesses face.