Blogger’s New Fresh Look

Blogger’s New Fresh Look

Changes are a foot in the world of Google. It really is a very exciting time for those that are wanting to get on the internet and start marketing. One system has recently undergone a revamp, and I am ready to give the new Blogger a try.

Blogger is a blogging platform that seems to have lost a little bit of its authority.  It was a big platform a few years ago and is used mostly or personal and family blogs.  It is free and simple to set up.

Google just announced today that they have revamped Blogger with a new look, and I like the look a lot!

The Dashboard is your main area where you work in a blog. As you can see from that link, you get statistics of how many people are visiting your website, and also this is where you navigate to post new posts and customize your blog.

Looking back at the old interface, this is a vast improvement and looks a lot like the WordPress.  At this point Google has yet to allow you to use this CMS on your own domain, it still will be a subdomain of, but is still a great option for those that are looking for a simple solution in creating a personal or business blog.

Have any of you gotten a chance to try out this new interface? Are you willing to give it a try to let us know what you think? Please post your thoughts and comments here!

Jordan Colton
[email protected]