Best Business Uses for Instagram

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Best Business Uses for Instagram

Social media continues to be an increasingly important tool for businesses. Instagram is among the most effective platforms available today. From international conglomerates to local boutiques, businesses use Instagram to reach their customer base.

Simply putting out content is not enough to accomplish your goals of increasing conversion rates and cementing your relationship with current customers. Learning how to use Instagram’s features to meet your goals can help you increase effectiveness. Opening a business account gives you access to additional features.


Reach Out to Your Target Audience

Increasing follower numbers is a top goal for many businesses as they become active on Instagram. However, keep in mind that a high follower count is not a goal in itself. What you really want is followers who are likely to become customers.

This means creating content and using available tools to attract the type of person who is likely to be interested in your product. The first step in this process is to define some key attributes of this demographic: age range, income level, geographic area, hobbies, family status, shopping habits and so on. Next, make a content plan designed to grab interest.

The Tactics

So far, so good, but how do you get your target audience to see this content in the first place? Judicious use of the following tools can help you deliver your message to potential customers:

  • Hashtags: Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per caption. There is no need to use all of them. Hashtags are a way to organize information and make it easier for users to search topics of interest. Bearing this in mind, use hashtags your audience is likely to search that also relate to your post’s content. It is a good idea to avoid overly broad categories such as “selfie,” as your post will likely get lost in the sea of content that comes up with this tag.
  • Influencer Partnerships: A sponsored post put up by an influencer can be a good way to put your brand’s name out there without sounding blatantly promotional. For this to work, look for influencers whose style and content fit your brand voice and aesthetic. If your business involves selling home décor, you need to work with lifestyle and decorating blogger, not fitness experts. Take care to partner with influencers whose content has the quality you want to represent your own brand.
  • Analytics: There are several apps and tools that help you measure key metrics. Using them helps you see what type of content gets you followers, increases engagement and leads to conversion. This information helps you tailor your content and improve effectiveness.

As Instagram’s popularity continues to grow, it develops and rolls out new features. Keep an eye on coming developments that could help you hone your strategy.

Engage Your Followers

Using social media for business helps you build relationships with your customers. Engagement is an essential technique for building brand loyalty.

Interacting with comments on your post makes commenters feel heard. Figuring out a general approach in advance can help you keep your replies in line with your brand voice and give you a roadmap for addressing negative comments. You can also incorporate polls into your stories. Asking your followers for input encourages them to interact with your account.


Build Your Brand

Instagram is primarily a visual medium. This platform best serves your business by representing it positively and authentically. This means choosing your images and videos carefully. While it can be tempting to post pictures that are likely to be popular, your aim is not to just get your content out there. You also want viewers to associate it with your brand.

Brand identity can be direct or subtle. Some of your images may feature your product. Others may simply relate to it. For example, a business selling outdoor gear may also post striking nature images. Branding experts also suggest subtly incorporating the shapes and color schemes associated with your logo into your images via careful editing.


Make Shopping Easy

Currently available features make it possible for you to sell your products directly on Instagram.  Instagram’s Shopping feature requires you to ask for your business account to be approved for it. Recently, Instagram has also rolled out in-app checkout; currently available for over 20 major brands, this feature is expected to expand as Instagram continues to develop its business-friendly options.

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