Are We There Yet? SEO Timetables

Are We There Yet? SEO Timetables

One of the most common concerns that comes up with SEO marketing is how long it takes to see the desired results. Understanding SEO and having proper expectations for the time frame will help eliminate some of the reasons why people give up prematurely. The effects of traditional marketing are not always instantaneous either, and take time to plan, execute, and realize returns.

Develop Trust

While no one can fully grasp all the factors that will determine your rankings in the search engines, we know what the major ones are, and getting into the minds of Google can help us understand what those factors are. Google’s main concern is finding those sites that will provide searchers the most relevant and trusted sites for the term being searched. Developing the trust factor is much like developing trust among people. You don’t immediately trust a person you’ve just met, but you start to gain trust as you get to know them. Imagine if new websites were able to jump to the first page of Google quickly with very little work to prove their worth, and new sites were coming up and down in the results daily. This would lead to users not trusting the results provided due to inconsistency. Developing this trust is done over months of work to show Google that you are a reliable website.

Back to our example of meeting a new person, we might not trust them at first but if a friend introduced us to them, our trust level would increase. If we then met others who were able to vouch for this person over the next weeks and months we would begin to trust them more. As is the same with search engines, the time variable is hard to get around. Even if we were in a room with 100 people that said you can trust this guy with your money, we would still need some time to gain trust in that person. As other websites reference you and your website over time, Google starts to give you credit and trust.  Build enough trust to rank on the first page can take six months or more depending on how competitive your niche is.

Produce Quality

When increasing your trust and gaining popularity from other sites referencing you, the growth should be natural and legitimate. If Google gets any idea that you’re trying to rank too quickly above that which is typical, they will often penalize you. Developing a plan of attack for the next six months will help you grow at a positive rate that won’t be viewed as spam. Once you’ve established this trust, your site can gain popularity more quickly than it did in the beginning months, and grow at an exponential rate. The overall goal should be to produce a high level of quality that will encourage Google to promote you to their first page because you are the authority in your niche.




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