Are There SEO Best Practices by Google?

Are There SEO Best Practices by Google?

Local Businesses that are trying to do their own Local Online Marketing are asking themselves the same questions: What are SEO best practices? What can I do to improve my Search Engine Visibility on Google?

Although Google doesn’t publish a best practice guide, they do have a resource called “Webmaster tools.”  In the help section there are a few notable sections (Webmaster tools checklist and Webmaster Guidelines ) and a PDF document called Search Engine Optimization starter guide is available.

Before Google released these resources, I think they really frowned on companies helping other companies rank.  They viewed it as cheating the system. Granted there are SEO companies that do try to “beat the system,” but there are many that just help companies follow best practices.

Google should really embrace these types of companies, because they are helping search engines become more relevant.  I’ve recently read some articles claiming to be discriminated by Google because of what they do. I can’t see why any search engine would do this as long as they are following their rules.  Are they unreasonable?  Maybe, but they are just trying to keep people from abusing the system.

At Boostability, we try to follow what we think would be Google best practices.  What are their best practices?  Here is a brief smmary of their published document Webmaster Guidelines:

  • Websites need to be in an easy, readable format for the search engines
  • Structure needs to be easily followable for crawlers
  • Format content in a way the search engine can tell what the site is about
  • Never buy or trade links
  • Don’t spam with automated submit programs
  • Automated queries checking ranking is a no-no

There you go, my top 6. 🙂  Just a joke on my 1001 tips blog entry.

Travis Thorpe
[email protected]