Boostability Press Release, March 3, 2010

Boostability Press Release, March 3, 2010

Agencies Use SEO Campaign Management Software to Deliver results for Small Businesses

Small businesses need a cost effective local search solution. Internet marketing agencies are addressing the market, but need tools and campaign management software to deliver high value to the customer in a cost effective way. Boostability offers a web-based solution that automates local search campaigns.

Lehi, Utah (Boostability) – Travis Thorpe, CEO and co-founder of Boostability, a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign management solution provider, is painfully aware of the problems Internet marketing agencies face when servicing smaller-sized customers. “Local businesses need a cost-effective solution.  Traditional SEO strategies and consultation can be too expensive for them,” Thorpe explains. “There’s a big difference between national SEO campaigns and local search campaigns.  We’re certain the bulk of the work for the local campaigns can be automated with dynamic software to deliver high results.”

Yet, Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), a global non-profit serving the search engine marketing (SEM) industry, posted on its website that SEM spending in 2008 totaled $13.4 billion. By 2013 the number is expected reach $26.1 billion. That exponential leap is causing these marketing agencies to take notice.

Large enterprises will continue to pay for search engine marketing, so where is the extra spending going to come from?  Thorpe believes a large chunk of the money will be drawn from local businesses entering the search market.  Marketing agencies will be adapting to meet their needs. This translates to the agency maximizing its efficiencies if they want to see strong profit returns.

Thorpe and fellow founder and President, Rick Horsley, started Boostability in February 2009 to meet the needs of the emerging local search market . They recruited top talent to develop and  launch cutting-edge web-based SEO campaign management technology. Boostability’s tools automate redundant SEO activies and provide reporting to its customers.

The application is live and being utilized by thousands of users, ranging from web hosting providers, Internet marketing agencies, and small business owners.  “My dream has become reality. Our team has created a product that can help agencies efficiently meet the needs of their local search clients.”

Boostability’s technology provides easy to use workflow processes that generate relevant action items. Agencies have the ability to white label the management platform to provide seamless automated reporting to their customers. Thorpe adds, “It provides a turn-key solution for agencies that want to provide a local search solution and deliver the quality reporting their customers are hungry for.” He thinks this can bode well for retention rates – which is essential to any marketing agency.

About Boostability:

Boostability provides an integrated enterprise level SEO software platform for Internet marketing companies and professionals that service the SMB marketplace. Its enterprise workflow platform gives the ability to manage up to tens of thousands of customer campaigns and was designed for the marketing professional to scale their operations and reach.

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