Affordable Search Engine Marketing

Affordable Search Engine Marketing

Every company has different resources that they can allocate to Search Engine Marketing. Small to Medium sized businesses may do it themselves or have an agency do it for them, while large corporations may have an in-house team that manages their Search Engine Marketing. Whatever your resources are, Search Engine Marketing can be affordable, and if you plan accordingly, your company can be successful in your SEM endeavors.

First, you must realize that Search Engine Marketing is an ongoing process. You will always need to build your online presence, because the internet and search engines are constantly evolving. With that in mind, you can divide the work into phases and allocate your resources appropriately.

Phase #1: Onsite Work

The first step to successful Search Engine Marketing is site optimization. Ultimately, your site needs to provide a great experience for your visitor, while having the necessary content to rank in the appropriate markets for your business. If your resources are limited, sit down with your SEO company and tell them you want to work on improving your site before starting other work. Your resources can be allocated to proper keyword research, creating relevant and unique content, or creating a fun and efficient website experience for your customer.


Phase #2: Link Building

Once you are confident that customers and search engines will be pleased with your site, you can now allocate your resources to quality link building. There are many ways to build links, so sit down with your SEM company and figure out where you want to start. Some months you may want to focus on blogs and articles, while other months you may want to focus on local directories. The key here is to always be building quality links, even if it is just a few each month.


Phase #3: Maintenance

Now that you have put in the time and work into building a solid foundation, you can work on maintaining your presence. Look at your budget every month and decide where work needs to be done. You may need to update the content on your site, or you may need to build a few links. No matter your budget, make sure that you do something, because every bit helps.

Search Engine Marketing does not have to be expensive. If you analyze your situation, and allocate your resources appropriately, SEM can be both affordable and successful.

Matt Christensen
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