A Cover Song Themed #BoostJams For This #MusicMonday

A Cover Song Themed #BoostJams For This #MusicMonday

When I need to get pumped up for a new project, I need music with a lot of energy.  The most sure-fire way of settling in for a productive day is to listen to bring in the perfect mix of nostalgia and energy.  For me, that means going straight to my teenage love of pop punk rock and ska.  Here are some of my favs.

1. The Promise covered by New Found Glory

originally by When In Rome

2. Take On Me covered by Reel Big Fish

originally by A-Ha

3. 99 Red Balloons covered by Goldfinger

originally by Nena

4. Somebody To Love covered by MxPx

originally by Queen

5. I Melt With You covered by Sugarcult

originally by Modern English

6. TNT covered by Dynamite Boy

originally by ACDC

7. Livin’ On A Prayer covered by Philmore

originally by Bon Jovi

8. Brown Eyed Girl covered by Lagwagon

originally by Van Morrison

9. Smooth Criminal covered by Alient Ant Farm

originally by Michael Jackson

10. Wonderwall covered by Cartel

originally by Oasis

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