8 Benefits of Holiday Marketing

8 benefits of holiday marketing

8 Benefits of Holiday Marketing

Before the holidays start to roll around, companies everywhere start to launch their holiday campaigns. With the marketing world suddenly turning red, green, gold and blue overnight and your email inbox filled with advertising promising the best deals around, you start to wonder… Is a holiday marketing campaign really worth the effort? If everyone’s doing it, will my company even be able to stand out among the crowd? Why can’t I just use my normal marketing campaigns?

Well, we hope this list will help you think of holiday marketing not as a burden or something you have to do, but as an opportunity and something you want to do.

Here are 8 benefits of holiday marketing:

  1. The sense of urgency.

The holidays are a finite time. They pretty much end with the New Year. Not only are people trying to get shopping done before their own finite dates- parties, fundraisers, the big holiday dates- but they are also trying to get their shopping done before yours. When customers know that there are only a certain number of weeks, days, or even minutes, before a campaign is gone they are more likely to act quickly and buy. There are countless opportunities during the holiday season to use this in marketing. Remind consumers of the consequences of not buying.

  1. A perfect time to reward loyalty.

The holiday season is the season of gift-giving and showing appreciation. You can jump on this holiday train by saying thanks to all your loyal customers through exclusive gifts or deals. This will keep your loyal customers loyal, meaning that they are more likely to continue buying from you.

  1. It gives you a way to relate to your customers.

The holidays are like the weather that everyone can talk about. Sometimes during the year it’s hard to know how to connect with your customers. With the holidays, however, we’ve all been there, we all get it. It’s a good time to show that you aren’t just a company and that you aren’t so different than your customers. Sometimes that means depicting holiday life as it really is within your campaign… messy, stressed, unpredictable. The more real your campaign is the greater the connection you’ll be able to build.

  1. Positive emotions are already associated with holidays.

Despite family fights over who gets to put the star on top of the tree, the stress of getting all the shopping done in time, and trying to perfect your grandma’s cranberry sauce recipe, most people still associate the holidays with feelings of joy and anticipation. This means that when you use things like holiday colors and symbols to represent your product, people experience those same positive emotions. Easiest marketing ever.

  1. More chances to do good.

Somewhere in between cooking a turkey in November and counting down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, our hearts all seem to get a little softer and we all become more mushy-gushy. In this increased emotional state, it’s a great opportunity to do some good in the community. A great example of this is partnering for a cause with another local organization. If you do it well and in the right spirit, not only will this altruism feel good, but it will increase your sales and help build your brand-image as people associate your brand with giving and generosity.

  1. People are shopping intending to buy.

The holidays are different than the rest of the year for shoppers. Why? Because people are much more likely to be shopping with a real intent. They may not know what exactly they want to buy (which is why you guide them towards that), but they do know they have gifts to get and parties to prepare. With this reasoning, they are more willing to spend and have more consumer awareness to marketing that will suggest what they should spend their money on.

  1. Consumers turn to social media for holiday shopping “inspiration”.

Most of the year people are looking at social media for social content. You know, wanting to know what their Facebook friends are doing, or wanting to let Facebook know how great THEY themselves are doing. But during the holidays things change. Users start to use social media to look for shopping deals and inspiration. According to the National Retail Federation, 15% of shoppers turn to Facebook for inspiration during the holidays. With your holiday campaign running on social media you’ll get more attention than you are used to the rest of the year.

  1. Simply more potential customers.

It’s not just that your regular customers are more likely to buy during the holidays; people who normally don’t do much shopping at all start to shop. Consumer traffic reportedly goes up by 150% during the holidays. Higher numbers means higher potential. Not doing some special marketing could let you miss the attention of all those extra shoppers.

Let’s grab a bow and wrap this up.

Excuse the terrible holiday pun, we couldn’t not.

From this list we’ve seen how sales opportunities are disproportionately greater during the holidays than any other time of the year. This means businesses should invest the time, energy and money into the holidays, not proportional to the rest of the year, but MORE than you normally would. The benefits are far greater than any of the reservations you may have about holiday marketing.

Hayley Burton
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Hayley is currently a freelance writer, specializing in sustainability, social impact projects and online marketing. She has never met a writing assignment she couldn't write.