1001 SEO Tips

1001 SEO Tips

1001 SEO Tips

1001 SEO tips.

I really don’t have 1001 seo tips.  I thought it would be funny because there are so many search engine sites offering, top 10, top 25 and even top 55 seo tips.  Why I think it is funny, is because there really could be 1000’s of tips.  So how can anyone really perform seo?   Do you really need to follow all these tips to rank on the search engines?

The quick answer is no.   Of course if you are trying to rank for mortgages or free ringtones, then you really need to follow every tip and then some.  What if you are the thousands of local businesses and even small businesses that just need to rank for restaurants in Lehi Utah.  Should this restaurant spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to a seo company to help him rank?  The quick answer is maybe.

You may be an owner of that restaurant that is really good at making garlic bbq pizza(my favorite), but doesn’t really want to deal with anything related to local online marketing.  Of course maybe he is on a tight budget and designed his own website and just needs a little help optimizing it.   There are a lot of self service top 1 million tip sites that he could go to, but will it really help him?  Quick answer no.

There is a need for inexpensive help with SEO without becoming an expert.   Google has made an attempt with “Google webmaster tools”.  Although they are not quite there yet, this is a really good resource for the small business owner and expert.

What about seomoz?  I love that site.   If you already know what you are doing, they are a great resource.  They have great tools and insightful articles.  Randfish also blogs about running a small business from startup, which I find fascinating.  But for this restaurant owner, it might as well be Greek.

There are a number of inexpensive self seo sites that are starting to pop up and disrupt the traditional seo world.  Will they actually fill this void?  Time will tell.  Boostability is one that hopes to.  We offer the first few action items for free showing the local business how easy it is to use their service.

Watch for Boostability and other sites in the coming months and give them a try before hiring a consultant.

Travis Thorpe
[email protected]