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For the last few months our BoostJams playlist has featured over 250 songs representing the greatest hits from the 90s. This playlist crossed a wide variety of genres and featured songs from musical talent like Vanilla Ice, Pearl Jam, LaBouche, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mc Hammer and more. If you enjoyed a song from the 90s, we had it on this list. But as it goes, all good things come to an end.

As summer comes to a close, we’ve decided to update our playlist to ring in the fall. While it was hard to let go of so many great songs from the 90s, our new list features some of the greatest sounds from the fall season. Again, we’ve scanned a variety of genres and found music that really gets you in the mood for fall. While building this playlist we tried to encapsulate the events people go through during this time of the year. This made us choose songs surrounding back to school, the changing of the season, and a few other aspects of the fall season.

Featured Artists

This new playlist features some great artists from multiple genres and multiple decades. We’ve added music from classic musicians like Chuck Berry and Sam Cook as well more modern artists like EcoSmith and OMI. But for those of you who prefer Classic Rock and Country music, we haven’t forgotten about you. We’ve made sure to add a few epic ballads that you should enjoy.

We hope you enjoy our latest playlist. You can follow this and our other Spotify playlists by clicking on the share link in the upper right-hand corner of the music player. What songs would you have put on our fall playlist? Leave a song title and artist in the section below and we may add it the list!

About The Author

Thaddaeus Brodrick

Thaddaeus is the Quality and Education Team Lead in Boostability's Orem office, where he manages quality assurance and training. In addition to his work at Boostability, Thaddaeus is a freelance blogger who writes and manages the site GoingNerdy, which looks explores all things nerdy.


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