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What Is Brand Monitoring and Why It’s Important

Public perception of your brand plays a critical role in your business’s health and persistence. With the advent of new social media technologies, people are

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5 Steps to Making Live Videos That Further Your Branding

As social platforms increasingly reach into more areas of our lives, content creators embrace new interactive ways to promote their brand. They know that it’s

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Search Sessions – How to Increase Sales & Control Your Brand on Amazon

E-commerce has been steadily growing with the popularity of online marketplaces like Amazon. As COVID-19 pushed consumer buying online, it accelerated the need for businesses

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How to Host Effective Webinars & Virtual Meetups

With most non-essential businesses working from home or working remotely, connecting with your consumer base and your community must have also gone digital. Webinars and

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How to Grow Your Brand with the Help of Your Fans: A Lesson from BTS

In the world of music, today is a huge day. South Korean group BTS released it’s already record-breaking new album Map of the Soul: 7.

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How to Rebrand Your B2B Company Without Losing Hard-Earned Rankings

Rebranding your B2B company, if done right, can help you revitalize your business, improve its visibility, and change your customer’s perception about your products or

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3 Scary Social Media Horror Stories That Will Haunt Your PR Dreams

With Halloween approaching, it’s time to share some spooky tales. But we also like to stick with our brand, so we’ve rounded up the best

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6 Secrets Your Web Designer Won’t Tell You (But We Will)

Have you decided to start up a new website or completely redesign your current website? If so, it’s important to learn how to maximize the

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Avengers, Assemble! (For A Quick Lesson on Branding)

The United States of America is a lesson in carefully-crafted branding. What started as a rag-tag group of farmers chucking tea into the harbor has

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From Gandalf the Grey to Gandalf the White: 4 Lessons in Rebranding

With its medieval settings and societies and distinct lack of economic strategies beyond simple trade and agrarian systems, The Lord of the Rings is probably