One of the most common questions we get as an SEO company is how much to charge for it as an SEO reseller. We work with white label partners who sell Boostability SEO services as part of their brand. They get more money, for less work, and end up with happier customers. It’s a great system for all our partners and potential partners.

However, you can find SEO anywhere from $250/month all the way up to over $20,000 a month. It’s a great question. And this article will go in depth into what you should charge as an SEO reseller so you’re not overcharging your small business customers, but still make a good revenue stream from selling SEO.


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How Much Should I Charge for SEO as a Reseller?

Types of SEO Reseller Packages

What Factors Influence SEO Reseller Plans and Packages?


How Much Should I Charge for SEO as a Reseller?

As a white label SEO reseller, you should charge fair and competitive prices that helps balance and strengthen you as a company as well as your partners. We aim to create the opportunity for our partners to generate up to 50% revenue share to truly see value and a profit from adding SEO into their service offering.

This also provides the opportunity to make a profit while being sustainable for both the reseller and their client. It allows your business to gain recurring revenue, your clients to profit in healthy organic SEO investments, and everyone works together as a stronger unit moving forward.

There are wins all around for everyone! But while Boostability delivers on the white label SEO services, there is leg work required by the reseller partner to find clients. Selling SEO services can seem like a daunting process, but Boostability is there to support our partners every step of the way with the help of our Sales Support team.

Types of SEO Reseller Packages

When you resell SEO, you have a lot of different options that you can then pass along to your customers. While the SEO process is very similar across the board, each SEO vendor offers services, packages, or pricing in their own unique way. These are some of the different types of SEO reseller packages:

Monthly rate

This is the most common form of SEO reselling. They’re likely referred to as packages, meaning you get x-amount of services within a calendar month. It means you get the same services each month and can count on the stability of it. Or, services can actually change each month depending on what the client actually needs.

This monthly recurring retainer is definitely a reliable model, which is why it’s so popular. Your white label SEO agency will often create packages that the reseller can use to guide their sales. Things like $250-$500 for the basic levels. $500-$1000 for the more complex campaigns. And all the way up to $5000+ for bigger websites with more complex needs. 

Most SEO agencies work with this model as a white label provider. It’s a sustainable model because that means recurring revenue for your agency that you can count on each month for the duration of the campaign. Some resellers rely on a 6-month contract for services. While others are just month-to-month with no long-term commitment.

SEO campaigns usually take approximately 6-9 months to achieve first page rankings, so the time frame is very beneficial. With every customer, you need to be transparent with the expectations and realities of the SEO industry and when and how they can expect results for their campaign. 

The first 3 months of an SEO campaign are usually standard because there are some items that must be accomplished first before getting into the weeds of SEO. For example:

Month 1:

  • Start with an SEO audit to see certain weaknesses and the opportunities for improvement. 
  • Keyword research and outlining what terms are to be targeted on which page.
  • Optimize / publish meta information starting with the more visible and most valuable pages. The number of pages is based on what’s sustainable for each individual budget.
  • Optimize images on the site.
  • Fix any present technical SEO issues
  • Also see what your competition is doing. If they’re ranking higher than your company, what are they doing right and where can you improve?

Month 2:

  • Optimize the main pages first. This can take several allotted SEO hours depending on how much work is needed. 
  • Start the content ideation process for blogs, resource pages, and any other pages that need optimization.
  • Link building audit and campaign strategy creation
  • Content creation 
  • Start building a link portfolio

Month 3-6

  • From here, it depends on what the client needs. You’ve laid the groundwork for the campaign. Now it’s based on the needs of the individual client. That might be more content, or better local pack presence. Your partnering agency will be able to help you with the custom strategies for each client. 


Flat Hourly Rate

We often see freelancers or independent contractors who use the flat hourly rate model when they charge for SEO services. These are typically smaller projects, or just for one or two customers, so that all the focus and energy can go into those campaigns.

This is also a good model if you want to resell SEO to small businesses who might not be able to commit to something long term. Or if you as a reseller want to build up your portfolio to build up a consistent client base, this might be the way to go as well. Often these rates go anywhere from $100 to $250 an hour!


Project-Based Rate

This rate depends on a lot of different items. Many SEO projects can cost more or less depending on what it takes to complete it. Some factors include the type of industry, location, competitiveness of keywords, etc. The price is also dependent on the needed tools and software, bandwidth of employees, and time required to complete the tasks.

If a customer needs more link building, this takes a lot of time and relationships to build up a decent portfolio. Something more technical like an onsite optimization might take less time.

Project based SEO has very inconsistent pricing. It could be as low as $500 for simple fixes or thousands of dollars for more complex needs like link building. But beware of those agencies who want to charge tens of thousands of dollars. At the end of the day, SEO tasks are the same, some just have more credibility and like to charge more. 


À La Carte Rate

This rate is usually based on a needs-based scenario. For example, it could be an addition of link building, content creation, or just doing some keyword research. The best reason to consider this model is being most cost-efficient for your business. One reason you might not consider doing this rate is because it’s only a small piece of SEO.

When working on SEO, you should have more of a holistic view on it. Having multiple SEO pieces that you can work on, move, build, and work together to accomplish overarching goals. These goals can be increasing keyword rankings, getting more traffic, and leading more site visitors and qualified leads.


What Factors Influence SEO Reseller Plans and Packages?

1. Client Needs and Goals

When narrowing down on the different factors that influence SEO reseller plans and packages, it always goes back to the clients needs and goals. This responsibility is always on the reseller to find out. Going back to the start of an interaction with the client, discovery calls and the onboarding processes are extremely important. This is where resellers should first discover the specific goals and needs of the client. Some of these goals can be generic such as:

  • “I want to rank for keywords in my industry”
  • “I want more traffic to my website”
  • “I want more revenue”


The problem with some of these generic goals is that they can be too vague. You have to address certain needs and conditions before you accomplish ‘higher revenue or traffic’.

It’s important to be specific with your clients and learn their needs down to the last detail. You could get specific by discussing certain questions:

  • What does success look like to you 1 month from now, 3 months from now, 1 year from now? To some clients, success could be having more form fills, or having more calls to the sales team, etc.
  • What keywords do you want to rank for? By conducting research, the keyword research will dictate itself ultimately. However, it’s a good idea to know what the client is looking for.
  • How much are you wanting to increase traffic by x%? How much are you wanting to increase revenue by x%? The specific goals and needs of the client will dictate how much needs to be done in the SEO strategy to help them reach their goals.They may be starting from scratch which will take a long time to reach some of the loftier goals. Such as increasing organic revenue, especially if they have no organic presence already. Overall, knowing the client’s goals and needs is an important factor that influences SEO reseller plans and packages.


2. Type of SEO Campaign

Knowing the type of SEO campaign you have has a huge influence on SEO reseller plans and packages. One of the most popular SEO reseller plans focuses on white label local SEO. Local SEO helps your business consider the market size and number of business locations within your area. Learning about what you’re up against in your area has a huge influence on your SEO campaign.

Related to local SEO, your campaign could have a national SEO perspective. When you’re utilizing national SEO, your business reaches across multiple markets that expand and reach different digital markets. Additionally with ecommerce SEO, being available and owning a digital quality presence are important components to have. These different types of SEO campaigns should be considered into your campaign and SEO reseller plan and packages.


3. Industry Competition

Having the challenge of competing against other businesses within your industry is always inevitable. There’s no way of getting around competition. However, can your business analyze the level of competition based on how competitive the industry is? You can!

Analyzing how competitive the industry is greatly impacts the timing of the SEO results you can expect to see. When you find your local area has more competition, the longer it might take to see SEO results. This just means your SEO strategy needs to be more aggressive to help get higher rankings.


4. Pricing Can Vary By State

Sometimes SEO reseller packages can vary in price from state to state. Some states have a higher cost of living and general expenses compared to other states. Because of this, you need to price your services accordingly to be competitive and sustainable wherever you may be. Having different pricing options regarding the location of the state can be one way of operating the variety of locations available to you. 

There are a variety of different SEO factors that can impact your SEO price along with SEO reseller plans and packages. These factors include your website, business location, goals, and other aspects into consideration. It’s important to be aware of them and the different impacts they can have on your business.


Work with an Experienced Partner to Find the Right SEO Reseller Plan for You

You should never have to feel like becoming an SEO reseller is an impossible task. With all of the different SEO reseller packages and plans out there, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Lucky for you, Boostability is here to help!

Learn more about our white label SEO services to get your business set up and start with the right SEO reseller plan.


Continue learning more about reselling SEO!



Aaron joined Boostability in 2012, bringing with him 10 years of digital marketing and e-commerce experience. Prior to Boostability, Aaron was co-Founder and CEO of Limebloo, an e-commerce consulting and marketing agency. Aaron launched and operated 11 e-commerce stores in highly competitive industries, directing all revenue efforts from email marketing to paid marketing, traffic generation and returning customer transactions. Aaron grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit, washing cars in England and enjoys traveling with his wife and 4 kids, running extreme relays and relaxing in the sauna!